Sunday, 29 November 2009


And all that jib-jab.

Actually, I am REALLY looking forward to Christmas getting its arse here.
I've pretty much done my shopping (apart from my uncle and one more thing for my "niece"). I've also managed to get most of the Mister's birthday stuff sorted out now as well. I've got one more thing left to order but it could take a while due to money crap going on.
I'm not buying for my uni friends just yet because I'm not 100% sure when we're supposed to be seeing each other. We've all got a lot of things going on right now so it probably won't be until the new year now. It's sad but I'm sure it'll make it feel all the more exciting for when the time to meet up actually comes around.
Back to Christmas stuff...

I got:
- Mum & Dad a Royle Family DVD box set.
- Mister's Mum & Dad have a box of Thorntons finest.
- His sister has a bodycare set thingum
- My "niece" is getting a teddy bear but I also want to get her something 'In the night garden' themed.
- My uncle is getting DVDs from Ben and I.
- Mister has a hoodie, a few T-shirts, an into model helicopter, funny socks and even funnier pants.

Mum and Dad are getting him a new wallet because his current one is being held together with gaffer tape.

His birthday stuff consists of more T-shirts, a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 number plate and an extra special guitar pick.

As for myself. My list for Mr Santa is...

- Dylan Moran, Eddie Izzard, Russell Howard, Michael Mcintyre and Bill Bailey.
- Warm Pyjamas.
- Warm socks.
- A bluetooth mini photo printer.
- New trainers.
- An open bust corset, pencil skirt and those AMAZING shoes I posted a photo of a few entries back.

Meh, lets see what happens.

What else did I have to say.......

Erotica was AMAZING last weekend. The Mister and I have decided to make it a yearly trip from now on since we both had so much fun. He looked as nervous as hell for a little while but soon began to chill out after I pretended to make a mouth shaped Fleshlight sing, we watched the Fuel Girls on the main stage and he gawped at a few boobs.
There were so many things to go and see. We didn't manage to get around the whole place (mostly because I wanted to venture into the art gallery but he didn't really see the point). He bought be a few bits and bobs which I promise I won't divulge since I'm sure no one wants to know the weird crap I like. We also bought the yummiest toffee flavoured vodka ever from some hilariously drunk Welsh blokes on a stand near the exit. It's 27.5% volume so we've only done a quarter of the bottle between us so far.

I'm off now. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a cup of tea.
I also want chocolate but I'm holding back the craving until I get back from my medical assessment tomorrow afternoon. The Mister and I can wallow in Dairy milk and Brandy Alexanders that way.

Toodles xx

Thursday, 19 November 2009

I turned down a job.

I know it seems like the most stupid thing to do ever, but just hear me out first...

I got a call from Argos on my way home from shopping this afternoon asking me to come in for training tomorrow at 12 but I tole the guy that I'm not taking the job. My reasons being that it's just not enough hours and I have no security (there's a massive chance I'll have to leave after Christmas).
If I'd have taken the job then I would lose all the help I'm getting along with my fortnightly installments of Employment and Support allowance. Basically, I have a personal advisor who I see once a month to talk about how my medication and doctor/psychology sessions are getting on and classes I can take in order to get myself feeling well enough to work again.
I'm going to ask them to start helping me look for work at my next appointment in December. I want to get their medical assessment out of the way first so they can actually see that I'm not bloody faking all of this.

So that's what I think.
I'm sure there are people out there calling me an idiot but I'm hoping I have made the right choice.
This Argos thing just isn't right for me at this moment in time. If I was still a student then I would have snapped it up there and then but I need to start building a life for myself now and this isn't the way to go.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


...For the massive gap in posting.

I've been as OK as I can get at the moment, which is pretty good for me.
Had a MASSIVE medical form to fill out from the jobcentre because they want their own doctors to assess me in a couple of weeks. Wasn't the most fun to fill out.

Ooooo, I've also been a little preoccupied with a book I bought off of Amazon. It's called Wreck this Journal and you do exactly what the title suggests. Each page tells you to do something messy or destructive to the book and you do it. Simple as.

So far I've broken the spine, scribbled over things, written my name in different ways, torn pages out and glued parts together.

I've started my christmas shopping as well now.
I'm holding off on getting the uni crew anything until I know the date of when we're actually going to meet up again.
So far I've managed to buy things for The Mister's parents, his sister, my Godson and Emz. I still have my parents, my niece and Mister to get things for and is the hardest one!!! I've only managed to get him a Spinal Tap T-shirt so far. He's a pain in the arse because he already has everything he wants and doesn't stop to think about buying things. That and his birthday is 5 days after Christmas. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I have a crush on my psychologist.
She's beautiful and makes it VERY hard to concentrate during sessions. the fact that she's not that much older than me and that she's so nice and laughs at my jokes probably doesn't help very much either.
I'll get over it. We only have four sessions left.

Am still nervous and excited about going to erotica on the 20th. The tickets came through last week so I guess that kind of makes things final. I think The Mister is feeling the same.
Oh well. It should still be interesting.

That's pretty much all the news I have for the moment.
Bit dull but oh well.