Monday, 18 January 2010

The life of a Designer Bag sales person...

My job is sooooooooooo boring.
I like my boss and supervisor but working with bags in an empty shop is so dull it's borderline stupid.

I've picked what bag I want when I get my free one though. It's hot pink leather with a black trim and it looks a little like a doctors bag.

Nothing to report. I have stories of annoying and silly customers but that can wait.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

I has a job.

Yes, that's right.

I was interviewed on the 5th, got offered the job on the 6th and my first day was today (the 7th).
I work 40 hours a week minimum wage at a luxury handbag store on Bond Street. So far it's been really dull and I already can't stand rich people, but it's work and it's money. Ben and I are planning to rent a flat together provided I'm kept after my 3 month trial so I NEED to stick to this place.
There are a couple of perks to the job (if you care to see them as perks anyway). I get a free bag twice a year of any style and price and 3 free accessories (so that can be a purse, an umbrella, a belt, a scarf, a wallet or a keyring). I get two days off a week. One on a Sunday when the store is closed and one during the week whenever I ask for it.
I can't believe how expensive things are in that place. £35 for a keyring!!!!!!
Some woman came in and paid £40 for an umbrella. I could buy a whole new outfit for that much.

So, aside from the job news not that much has happened.
I failed my medical so I've had no money for around a month now and have had to borrow from people. I'm still on the happy pills and the belly tabs but I've finally finished my course of iron supplements.
The med fail was a complete joke. Get this right, I'm on tablets for irritable bowel syndrome. I have a letter from my doctor saying that even with them I can't control my bowels very well (probably more than anyone ever needed to know but I don't care) and the jobcentre's own doctor wrote in my report that there's nothing wrong and I can function normally. Another question was about depression and anxiety. Again, I had doctors and psychologist's letters as well as my tablets there with me to prove I do have issues and the woman wrote down that I was perfectly fine and not depressed or mentally unfit in the slightest.

Christmas was ok. I went to see my family then went to see Ben and his family. I got cool things that I can't be arsed to list right now.
New Year was a bit dull. Ben and I were invited to a house party but I refused to go because they use drugs. We celebrated with my family instead. Ben is a very drunk aunt kept grabbing his bum and trying to kiss him and he still stayed and didn't run away screaming!

I've really gotten into Call of Duty MW2 on my PS3. Shooting strangers over the internet is soothing after a bad day.

Y'know, I had more to say but I'm shattered and have to be up for work in the morning. Nighty night x