Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A fresh start...

So I set up one of these blog type things back in...er...well the year escapes me, but,
Yeah, I set one up and hardly used the bastard so I decided to create a shiny new one for all to look at and think "what the fuck?"

Somtimes I'll brag on about the wonderful me and what I've been getting up to, other times I'll simply post up weird crap I've written that I'd like to confuse you with.
A few people near and dear to me always complain that I never let them see what I write, so you can swing by here any time and read snippets of what I'm up to.

Most people who will look at this thing will probably know me - it's posted on my facebook, so y'know - but for anyone who stumbles across this accidently but is too nosy to bugger off, I shall give a brief summary:

-I'm 21.
-I'm a student (fucking lazy one at that!).
-I might end up as a writer one day (if the lazy thing goes away).
-I'm mad in the head.
-I laugh at the most random and trivial things.
-I swear A LOT.
-I drink far too much.
-I always complain and thoroughly enjoy doing so.
-Punk music is my sweaty, mowhawlked, swearing, tartan and saftey-pin clad mistress.
-It's hard to shock me.
-I like my own company.
-I'm deathly allergic to David Hasselhoff.

Blah. The more I post the more you'll find out anyway...
I will try and make this blog a little bit more pretty too just as soon as I learn how the hell to do so!

Peace out and all that jib-jab.

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