Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ooooh, Mercilon Mercilon me...

So I went to the clinic about that stupid pill I'm on.
It was a mixture of a good trip and a bad trip really. I waited nearly two hours to be seen because the nurses didn't turn up and I had to sit around for a doctor to see me, but I FINALLY managed to see someone in that place who isn't a grumpy moo face.
I told them about the ridiculous cramps Microgynon has been giving me then she checked my blood pressure and my weight. Now, remember my initial post about what was said with regards to my weight and blood pressure, about how if either went up even the slightest bit then I'd be taken off the combined pill altogether with an alternative sought...well, not anymore. My blood pressure was down to just about normal and I've lost a heck of a lot of weight. So much so that I'm no longer in a major risk group due to my BMI and can take other combined pills now. After much hysterical laughter because I thought I'd gained weight, she gave me a 3rd generation pill called Mercilon and sent me on my way. I have to go back after two cycles for a check-up.

I'm so happy I've lost weight. I actually can't believe it.
I was so so so so soooooooooooooo convinced that I had gotten bigger. I was even moaning about it to Mum and Ben the other day with them both looking at me like I'd just fallen out of a tree.
They were like
"I go clothes shopping with you all the time"
"Yeah, and I see you...well, I see you when you''m not finishing that in front of your mum 'cos she's scary."
I'm hoping I can keep this up. God knows what this new pill is going to do to me...
I can only hope it's nothing too horrible.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Aw, that's nice to hear shells!

It should be alright hopefully :)