Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Glastonbury baby!!!

The first bit of news I have is that The Mister's band are performing at Glastonbury this year!!
On three separate stages!
We're all really proud and excited for the boys and hope that someone important is going to see them and hopefully get them signed (the mister has my shoe fetish to fund after all).
I'm still working my arse off at L'Occitane under a fabulous boss but a bitch of an assistant manager. It feels like her mission in life is to make everyone else's a misery and boy does she do it well.
I get yelled at for the most ridiculous of things (not changing a water bowl that I was nowhere near the whole day and therefore had no idea it needed changing) and she takes her fowl moods out on me by making me hoover both floors (even if downstairs has been untouched all day) and giving me a bollocking for not checking the floor to her stupid standards.
It never happens when the actual boss is around. She's one of the nicest and fairest people I think I've met. It's a shame.

I went to see Rage Against the Machine a few weeks ago at Finsbury park.
Well, the plan was to see them but I left the gig early due to a punch in the ribs and a mosh pit trampling to end all mosh pit tramplings. Some idiot flipped out because he couldn't get past me and some other bloke at the barrier, so he punched us both to get over. I then lost momentum with the crowd and fell down underneath jumping feet. A couple of guys found me under there and managed to help me up so I could push through and collapse for a bit on the side. I could hear rage from there but couldn't see them.
So that has upset me a little bit.
The silver lining is that I saw The Gallows and Gogol Bordello live and they were AWESOME. Crowd surfing on a drum was brilliant and I was involved in my first ever wall of death (it hurt but it was fun!). I tried curried goat for the first time and laid on the grass in the rain with a cider in my hand and a Rage t-shirt for a pillow.

Another bit of news is that I'm currently on Beta Blockers.
It's for the whole IBS problem but so far all they've done is made me extra sleepy and I've only been taking the things for a month. I'm pretty sure they're also part of the reason I fainted during my blood donation the other week. Ah well.
I'd better get my bum moving. I have to help the Mister sort out his camping bits and bobs ready for the weekend.

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