Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Guess what?

I've been fired!

I'm over being sad about it and am now seeing that it was probably a blessing in disguise.
Basically, the boss wanted someone who could learn everything fast enough to be able to run the shop without help (just like her and the supervisor). I just couldn't do it.
Problems started happening after she left me to cash up on my own while she went outside with her friend for a smoke. I thought I'd done everything right but I find out the next day that I'd fucked it up by 50p.
Now usually you'd expect a bollocking from the boss about getting it wrong before being left alone and moving on, but she was on my back the whole day. She spent 8 hours telling me how slow I was, how quiet I was, how I need to treat the place as work rather than somewhere laid back to sit around. When I was at the till she was there watching my every move and telling me off in whispers for not being fast or organised enough. She went on so much that I ended up making more mistakes because I couldn't understand what was going on.
In the end, after a cry down the phone to mum and a think over lunch, I went back to the shop floor and told her that I have a mental illness and I'm on medication with screws with my memory.
I'm so sure that the 50p thing (even though it was all sorted) and me confessing that I'm going to be slow to remember things is what made her get rid.

She took me downstairs about an hour before my shift was due to finish last Thursday and said that she needs someone who will treat it as work and nothing else (I still don't 100% understand that), that I'm polite and well presented but not what the shop needs and that she wants me to go now rather than staying the 3 months (which I never even got to sign a contract for) so the three of us didn't become too attached.

Meh, good riddance.
I don't like fur or leather, she was a bitch to work for, I never had any time for myself and it was starting to piss up my relationship with the Mister.

I'm off to see Chole - my employment advisor - today to go over what happened and start getting me back into job searching again. Hopefully I'll find something more suited to me soon.

So, since the firing happened, I've been catching up on some well needed sleep and some well needed couple time. I think the Mister is secretly happy because he's able to stay over on weekends once again. My parents have said they're happy about it too because they could see me getting depressed again. I couldn't tell but they see more than me.

I donated blood for the first time on about 8 months yesterday. Because of the iron tablets I was on, I avoided going but I spoke to one of the nurses yesterday and they said it was fine and that the meds I'm on now are not going to affect my blood enough to cause me to stop.
Yesterday was my 8th donation, so only 2 more to go before I get my bronze certificate.

Nothing much else to say apart from I'm freezing, I want tea and Dad's miniature helicopter buzzing around the living room is so annoying I want to stuff pillows in my ears.



preciousbabysite said...

It is very hard to learn everything at once.
I know I am learning a new job, I was told in training, but it is much different to do it all by yourself.

You will do fine, one part of the day at a time.
Jackie Savi-Cannon

Manda-Caroline said...

Ahhh Seashell, that's rough *hugs* I hate it when bosses are like that - they push and they push to get way more than their money's worth and they react badly when they realise that they're wrong.

They should never have pushed you like that, it's so much to cope with in so little an amount of time.

I'm sorry you got fired, but hopefully this means you can find a job that's easier on you and that isn't filled with smegheads

Lisa said...

Hello, I was just Blog-Hopping and ran across your blog. Very well written!


Anthans said...

I got fired/wasn't a part of the budget/let go too! I know how you feel. These were the inadequacies that I was told: "You're too social. You had to be told multiple times how to do something. You're a disappointment for a USC (University of Southern California) grad." Not to mention that same week my car broke down and I lost $$$hundreds$$$ in Vegas, too. It was a terrible week, but things have picked up for me since then. And they will for you, too.