Thursday, 18 February 2010

Turn that shit up!!!!

Guess who managed to get herself a free Rage Against the Machine ticket?


For those of you who have noooo idea what I'm talking about:

Every year here in merry old England, music artists have a fight for one of the most coveted chart positions: Christmas number 1.
Unfortunately, there hasn't really been much of a fight over the last 4-ish years due to a certain Mr Simon Cowel planning the release of the X-Factor winner's single around the time of the chart battle. Because everyone is so hyped up over the winner, they instantly get there without much of a struggle.
That was the way of the world until Christmas just gone anyway...
A couple of people started a Facebook group to try and get something different to the number one slot, a show of annoyance for all things manufactured, and droves of people joined up to be a part of the movement. To cut a long story short, we all managed to beat the X-Factor winner and got "Killing in the name" to number one.
As a thank you, the band offered to do a free gig for their UK fans as a thanks for the fight and recognition. It took two hours of waiting at the computer, hitting refresh and barely making it to see my therapist but I BAGGED MYSELF A TICKET!!

I am sooooooooo damn excited. I've never been to a concert before and to have Rage be the first ever people I go to see is simply amazing beyond all belief.
The only real problem is that I have seriously upset the Mister. He registered but was never sent an email with his details in order to book a ticket, so I couldn't get him one when I got through. I'm desperate to go but I know he's near to heartbroken about it (sounds silly but he's a music nerd).
I have said that if it bothers him too much I won't go but he's just been a bit huffy an changed the subject.

Ah well. Still sooooo happy.
Things like this never happen to me.