Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Soles and Sorrows.

It's been an odd few weeks.

I haven't done much aside from jobsearching and try in vain to get some sleep (insomnia has decided to piss me off again).
Chloe - my employment advisor - sent me on a couple of workshops all the way in Finsbury Park. The first one, working in customer service, was full of stuff I already knew so it wasn't that helpful. The second one, working in care, was VERY enlightening. The lady running the workshop handed me an application form to begin as a domiciliary care worker with the chance to complete an NVQ and gain new qualifications. It probably doesn't sound very "me" but I think care work could be the way to go. If it doesn't work out then I don't have to carry on doing it.

The main news right now is that I've been trying to keep the Mister's spirits up after his uncle passed away a couple of weeks ago. To make matters worse, his Nan passed away this morning.
Grief is such a hard thing to try help someone through. I told him I'm here day and night if he needs to talk to someone, or needs to cry or shout or whatever else. I suppose that's all I can do really, isn't it?
I want to call him and see if he's alright, but I know from a couple of weeks ago when it happened with his uncle that speaking isn't something he feels like doing. I'm giving him his space but I think a text goodnight may still be a good idea... Just to let him know he's not alone.

From a sad subject to a groovy one. Mister bought me a pressie.
There are a pair of shoes I've been lusting after for months and yesterday he turned up at the door with them. They're 3" heels and I can hardly walk in them but I am more than determined to learn!

(The pictures aren't very Dita, but it's hard to get nice angles on your own)

Ok, strange transition from death to shoes but Mister has said it's perfectly fine to be happy and show them off without any guilt about how he is. He said they're a reminder of an awesome day so he's happy about it.
I've been practising walking in them around the house and I've only managed to fall over once so far. Mum tried to teach me how to walk in them but I didn't look as graceful as she did (then again, I was holding onto things to keep my steady whereas she's well practised in the art of high shoes).

The rest of today has been spent making a cake for my Mum & Dad's silver wedding anniversary. I, yes in heels, made them a chocolate and vanilla marble cake. It took forever and I'm pretty sure my right arm is now much bigger than my left, but it was more than worth it!

I am aware of the fact that it looks a bit like a swirly cowpat, but I have never once claimed to be good at baking. Nor have I ever claimed that I am housewife material...cooking and myself do not mix. It smells amazing. Hopefully it'll taste that way too!

That's it for now.
Mucho love stuffs xx

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Weeping Shadows said...

Ok.. the shoes:
Keep practicing, they look amazing.

Death is a very hard thing to deal with in general, especially if it's close in the family, just continue to support him, it's around the time where he needs the people that care to be around him.

Cakes look yum though :)