Sunday, 25 April 2010


I know I haven't updated in a couple of weeks but work doesn't leave me much free time.

I've been at L'Occitane for two weeks now and so far I'm really fighting the urge to quit.
I AM NOT enjoying myself and so far feel as if they're treating me like some kind of mug.

That's all I have the energy to say for now.
I'll write more as soon as I have the strength to type out everything without either crying or hitting the laptop (I've broken it...there's a crack on the side now. Whoops!).

To keep everyone up to speed on little things, I have decided to do this instead:

Last thing you ate: Cadbury's Caramel bar.
Last thing you drank: Cider.
Last thing you watched: Top Gear.
Last thing you bought: A can of Red Bull.
Last thing you returned: Meh?
Last thing you dreamt of: The Mister and I stealing the car of a girl I hate and cleaning(!) it.
Last thing you fought with someone about: What my workmates meant.
Last thing you regretted: Buying that cider
Last thing you forgot: How much Peony perfume is.
Last thing you wrote: The start of this post?
Last text you received: The assistant manager nagging me.
Last thing you laughed at: The Mister slipping on a sock.
Last thing you read: Am reading The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex
Last thing you felt proud about: Fuck all to be honest.
Last thing you considered: Quitting my job
Last person you spoke to: Mum.
Last thing you saw that you wanted: A foot spa.
Last thing you stole: Almond cakes.
Last thing you realised: I'm not destined to be happy in a job...ever...
Last thing you decided: To send off CVs again.

As always I wish everyone who reads lots of groovy stuffs.



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