Monday, 24 May 2010

Stuff and Tings.

I know...I know...It's been forever and a day since I've blogged about anything.

So, I've been with L'Occitane since the 12th of April and the manager of the store I'm usually in offered me a full time contract with them. This means I now have a full time job.
I actually doubt it would have happened if I hadn't have handed in my notice a few weeks ago. I had an interview at Dorothy Perkins and was offered a job with them. After I handed my notice in, my manager said she was sad that I wanted to go, then spent a few days afterward trying to offer me things to stay with the company. I eventually got the hours I was looking for so I have decided to stay.

It's actually not so bad there now I'm settled in. I get along with the manager and the rest of my workmates (aside from the assistant manager who is a little hit and miss on the personality side of things). I can't say I love it and want to work in a shop for the rest of my days, but it feels alright for the time being and that's what counts.

One thing I REALLY don't like at the moment is the fact that I've had a stalker for the last few days.
I was taking out the rubbish the other day and this guy in the shop opposite kept staring at me. On my final trip, as I came out of the bin cellar, he was stood outside waiting for me.
He tried to ask me out and I said I wasn't interested then he ended up waiting for me outside the shop and following me home!!! I've made it clear a few times that I am not interested but he won't bugger off.
He turned up at work yesterday as I was serving a customer. By that time I had let all my workmates know so they were aware of who he was straight away. As soon as I finished serving I ran downstairs and everyone else delt with him. That freaked me out so much that I rang the mister to come and pick me up once I'd finished (if he wasn't able to then everyone from work said they'd walk me to the bus stop).

I know he works at the cafe across the square from me so my manager wants us to go over there with me and let his manager know what he's been up to.

In other news, the Mr and I went to Brighton for the day last week. His friend is opening up an ice cream shop so we went to see the place and wander around to take a look at the competition.
Ben and I then went for a walk around and a lay on the beach.

That's been it with me.
I'll let you know more about Mr Stalker as it happens (because I doubt I've seen the last of him).

Stay groovy xxx

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