Sunday, 20 April 2008


I believe.

- I believe that overly happy people are always hiding something.
- I believe that a sneeze is strangely satisfying.
- I believe that sanity doesn't actually exist.
- I believe that a kiss is the most intimate thing you can share with a person.
- I believe that people considered "stupid" may simply be geniuses out of their own time.
- I believe children up to the age of 7 have a sixth sense.
- I believe advances in technology will eventually destroy us all.
- I believe that life is more interesting when you've not got a plan.
- I believe an official and documented education means sod all in the long run.
- I believe that first loves never die.
- I believe that everyone is bisexual to some extent.
- I believe that it's fun to sqeeze blackheads.
- I believe that I'll never be completely accepted for being the hairy beast of a woman that I am.
- I believe feminism still has a place in this world.
- I believe that how good your day goes depends on how nice your first cup of tea/coffee tastes in the morning.
- I believe that make-up can ruin the way you look.
- I believe that I am destined for something other than a shop assistant or a suicide statistc.

1 comment:

Weeping Shadows said...

Darn it, you've found me out.

[The first sentence.] ;P