Friday, 25 April 2008

Summer holiday is looming like a big looming thing...

My second year of uni is very nearly over.
I'm really happy about it but a bit scared at the same time. I'll be a 3rd year student in September and that thought alone is fucking freaky. It doesn't feel like I've been at that place 5 minutes and I'm already picking my modules for my very last year there.
I'm looking forward to a nice long rest though...really really looking forward to it.
The last two semesters have been a bit hellish (not the classes in themselves - appart from lit - but life outside of them).

I have a portfolio and critical reflection essay to hand in on Tuesday. I've got a story and a half written so far, so that means I have a story and a half left to go. After that I have to write up a critical reflection essay about my work. My literature essay was handed in last Thursday.
It's incredibly stressy, but I like to think that I can do it...even if I don't pass with a very good grade, the least I can do is say I tried.
After my hand-in, it's off to Wagamamas with the uni crew - provided I'm not too shattered to go - then Wednesday will mark the start of exam revision.

It's an evil exam.

Basically it's an unseen paper. That means that there will be extracts from texts studied on the course but we can't know what they are before we actually open the paper. The evil bit is that, unlike most exams with extracts, we're not told what the text is or who wrote it. We have to guess.
I've failed that one before I've even started it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I really miss is sleep. I don't get to do that much because I'm either up doing work or up stressing about it.
Roll on the 8th May...everything ends at half 11!!!!

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