Wednesday, 10 June 2009

And it continues...

I'm so far easing up the loneliness and the crap thoughts by reading. I'm managing a novel a day so far...sometimes a novel and a half if they're not ridiculously long.
As well as that, I'm drinking enough cider and cheap wine to take the edge off of some of the worst feelings. I don't have enough to get drunk, just enough to numb things a little bit.
I've been trying to plan little trips out for myself. Museums or galleries or even a wander around a new place in London I've not explored before as a treat for putting in the effort to get washed and dressed but I haven't really managed to get out of the house very much as of yet.
When none of that is happening I just sleep and usually manage to fall under the haze before I have enough time to think and have my eyes well up.
It's better to have that back than to be plagued by insomnia again. That brought the count up to 2 books...and that's just stupid.

I'm trying to fight it off but I'm failing to see the point in doing so if I'm honest.

Anyway, back to reading.

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