Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The drugs don't work.

When are antidepressants supposed to kick in?
I've been on these things for nearly 4 weeks now and feel like sod all is changing.
I still hate being on them but if you're going to alter my nerves then at least do it effectively.

As well as still being on those and still nom-ing peppermint capsules and painkillers for the IBS, I got the results of my blood tests back last Wednesday. My iron is low so I'm on Ferrous Sulphate for 4 months to get it back to normal again and my cholesterol is up by .09
I tried to explain to her after she nagged me about being overweight and eating too much fat that I do actually eat healthy and this is something I'm not going to be able to change very easily. She went off on a huff and didn't believe me.
I hate people who think that because I'm fat I must eat like an idiot. Aside from a few treats which I have now cut out of my diet completely, I live off wholegrain, salads, skinless chicken, rice & pasta, jacket potatoes with nothing but a scrape of low-fat spread inside. I constantly drink water, I try to get my 5-a-day...damn woman wouldn't believe me!!!! ARGGGHHHH!
Only thing I can think of doing is exercising more which is near impossible because I always feel too low to bother getting dressed and going outside. I tried to get back in the Wii fit thing the other day but had 5 minutes on there and got bored.

I'm still job hunting with no luck too.
I'm back with the jobcentre and on Employment & support benefit until my medical certificates run out. £100 a fortnight...what a load of shit.

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