Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Pretty things.


I think it's the most gorgeous thing I've ever bought for myself. The opera gloves aren't a great fit and because of my stupidly huge boobs I had to go a size higher so the matching piece of string is too big, but the actual bustier IS AMAZING!
I wore it out as a top - with something hiding my shoulders a tad - and the amount of attention I got was insane. The Mister then saw it and the amount of attention was even more insane.
Men are hilarious!!

I love it though and it makes me feel good (not much does these days, lets be honest). Not bad for £10 in the Lovehoney sale.
When my next payment comes in I think I'm going to buy a proper corset to wear out and about. This thing holds things in really well but it's not overly sturdy for long periods of time (or for crazy boyfriends; I had to sew the underwire back in where he's managed to rip it out).
As for other news:
Meh, not much is going on to be honest.
I've discovered a love for Ugly Betty, am job hunting like a bitch and have to go back to the doctor do get a higher dose of happy pills since what she's got me on at the moment don't seem to work.
Oooooooooooooooo and and and, The Mister asked if I'd like to go and see Phantom of the Opera for my birthday. That got a "HELL YES!"
And and annnnnddd he's taking me to the Erotica exhibition in November. I'm really looking forward to going and I can't believe he finally feels comfortable enough to come along (I did tell him there would be boobs).
That's pretty much all my news right now. Not exciting but hey.

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