Saturday, 4 April 2009

So what's going on with me?

I haven't really written anything properly for a while so I suppose it's time to splurge my brain out.

I bought myself a new pair of glasses.
I got them last week after I saw a sign saying "FREE EYE TEST TODAY ONLY!" outside of Specsavers. We had to go in there anyway because my baby cousin crushed her older brother's glasses and we all went in after we'd finished in Aroma to get them fixed.
We were standing around trying on glasses and I found a pair that I actually liked so I got the test done and bought them (£118 with my student discount).
I have to wear glasses most, if not all, of the time now. My eye test showed that I have an astigmatism in my left eye and that's the reason why it's much more crappy than the other eye. It could also be the reason why I get so many headaches.
I'm waiting for them to call me back today as to whether they'll be ready to pick up this afternoon.
They're rather snazzy and have no frame so to speak, just the arms and the bit for the bridge of the nose which are coloured light purple.

The Mister is on the mend!
He's still not himself but he's brighter than he was before so it seems. His knee is also getting there as well. He's still on the pain killers but needs them much less frequently now so it's simply a case of waiting the last little bits of pain out.
He's staying over at mine tomorrow as well which I've been looking forward to since it was suggested. Aside from around 3 hours at his gig the week before last, he and I haven't spent any proper time together in nearly 3 weeks.
I actually need to see for myself that his knee is getting better because what he says and what is actually going on are two different things sometimes.

I FINALLY have a new phone!
My old Sony Ericsson K810i was dying a grim death. It couldn't hold a signal for calls, it kept switching itself off, messages took forever to get through and it made people sound like Daleks a lot of the time.
My parents bought me a Sony Ericsson C902 as an early graduation pressie and I'm well chuffed with it. I made a call on it earlier and the Specsavers lady sounded crystal clear and at no point was I awaiting the yell of "EXTERMINATE!"

I've spent the last three days cleaning my bedroom. I threw away loads of old clothes, I pulled out all the furniture and steam cleaned the floor, I scrubbed the windows, turned the mattress and now I'm shattered. That was so much work but it does feel a lot better in here I can breathe.

Uni is over now.
I had my very last class on Tuesday and that's it. I handed my BOW work in, had a drink with Radish, Sake and Rubarb then went to get bored for a few hours.
I was going to stick around for another drink when the class had ended but I had the overwhelming urge to just run out of that place as soon as possible and go home for a snooze.
All I have left to do is my work for FaIF and my essay for Children's lit then it's twiddle thumbs time until graduation day.

Something odd happened the other day. Well, odd for me anyway.
My Mum came to me asking for contraception advice!
To put this into a little perspective...she and I don't talk about things like this. We never have done and I was under the assumption that we never would. I learnt about sex from J17 and Bliss magazines when I was growing up, or from crappy school classes where we had to wear am empathy belly whilst being told sex was bad and babies would destroy us all.
The most I've ever said to her is "Mum, I'm going on the pill...if my moods go iffy then tell me." and that's been it.
She's been trying to talk to me for a few weeks apparently but I had no clue. On our way back from my grandparents house the other day, whilst we were both walking the dog, she just asked "What's the name of the pill you're on?"
So I told her and then she goes "My doctor is trying to get me on the same one but I'm worried about it."
What followed was a loooonnnnggg talk about things that could happen on it, side effects I'm going through myself, how effective it is, what to look out for. She asked me for leaflets if I had any because there were two other things they recommended to her and if I would mind her seeing my pack to note the size of them.
After all that she just went "I'm glad I could talk to someone," then smiled and said "want a cuppa?"
I always assumed situations like this went the other way around.

Specsavers haven't called me back.
I might ring them again and nag a weenie bit. I don't mean to be a pain but I want my glasses.

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