Friday, 22 May 2009

I REFUSE to drink that much again!

I'm hungover from pear cider, cheap champagne and wine that tasted like it could go on a bag of chips.
It was my college photo thingy yesterday, so I met the guys in the bar for cider and pizza first and then we ran off to the chapel to get snapped by an insane photographer.
Me, Radish and Pease were standing on a table right at the back of the shot, so that was a scary jump down. Gladly I've made it through the whole three years now without an embarrassing fall (watch when Graduation day hits...I'm going to roll down the stairs and knock everyone down in a domino type fashion).
After that was the reception where we all stood around drinking piss poor champers and running up frequently for top-ups. Apparently the collage chaplain came and spoke to Biscuit and me for a while but I don't remember that.
Next we ran off - still with glasses in hand - and went to the chesney building to watch Rhubarb & co do readings. Can't remember any of that either apart from something about Mr T's birthday and Adam saying something about swine flu in a poem (at least I think it was a poem).

I managed to stick to the cranberry juice for a little bit until I got home and was greeted by wine and lukewarm chicken. I think it tasted good.

I'm not drinking that much again in a hurry.
Now I remember why I stopped in the first place. Feeling dead in the morning is not the future.

On the plus side I was with my friends and I bought a book off Kara which I love very muchly (and can freak out The Mister with it!).

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