Sunday, 17 May 2009

It's just dawned on me...

I haven't had a little adventure in YEARS!

That party yesterday was all kinds of crap. I love my cousin very much but her friends are arses...MASSIVE ONES!
One in particular, Chris, goes out of his way to argue with me, never stops looking down my top, butts into conversations he's not a part of and asks me pervy questions about my mum (so now she's going to knock him flat out next time they have to been in the same room).
Going back to my title, everyone was sharing stories about being lost in weird places, or meeting people who kept offering them cocktail sausages or fires on planes and I sat there thinking, wracking my brains completely, about what I've done lately that's been madcap.

Answer = nothing!

Ever since uni and meeting The Mister I've really toned down.
I remember being 18 and drunk with Emz. We would dance around pubs, pick up men/women so we didn't have to pay for our drinks, befriend bar folk for freebies (I miss you triple measure man!) and end up sitting in a park or on top of a massive wheelie bin on the other side of London singing our hearts out to songs we couldn't remember the words to.
Or Soho with Nicky checking out gay clubs and chickening out completely. Resigning ourselves to a grotty old dive drinking warm lager and bugging the little old men nursing their rusty looking ale.

I'm planning to break out of the steady life rut over the summer. Y'know, before having to work kicks in. I don't want to get stinking drunk and try to pick up strangers for free drinks anymore, I just want to do the things I like and LIVE A LITTLE!

I'm trying to plan things and I really want The Mister involved in stuff as well.
We like a lot of the same things and I've helped him to find out a few things about himself he never really knew before. We can work with this.
In the meantime I'm making an effort to leave the house at least once a day and go SOMEWHERE different or where I haven't been for a long time.

No more boring least not this summer anyway.

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