Wednesday, 1 July 2009

So the deal at the moment.

I had my appointment and the doctor has now decided that I have to go back to the mental health centre to see a psychologist again. She's put my name down on the waiting list, but it can take up to 9 weeks before I get seen so I'm being left on the practise councillor's waiting list and I have to see the doc every two weeks until someone sees me.
I refused medication again but she wants me to reconsider my choice and said I can make an emergency appointment at any time if/when I'm ready. She's also sending a message to the mental health care centre at my local hospital so if at any time I can't cope or lose it completely I can be taken there and will have a room to stay in (it didn't come to that when I was suffering worse than this so I shouldn't need a room).

That's my crazy lady news anyway.

Normal life hasn't exactly picked up much. I'm still stuck at home most of the time without much to do but The Mister has taken more time to call or text me on the days where we can't see each other. It's a start on what I yelled at him about last week but I've yet to see any extra time spent with me properly. He did come and meet me after I donated blood yesterday, stayed calm in a room full of giant needles and bought me a lot to drink as I kept feeling wobbly. He took me home, cooked and stayed with me for a few hours until he had to run to meet the band.
It was funny when he came to meet me. Him rushing from work teamed with the heat made him look awful. He came in, walked over to where I was sat and a nurse immediately ran up to him, pulled out a chair and offered him something to drink.

"I haven't donated, I'm just picking my missus up."
"Oh...are you alright though? you don't look very well at all."
"It's just the heat. I'm fine."
Lady laying on an emergency bed who had not long come around from passing out: "Haha, he needs this bed more than I do."
Strange man nursing a coffee: "Boy just needs a tan!"
"I got 3rd degree burns from the sun when I was a kid. I don't like intentionally tanning."
"Get Shell to slap some fake stuff on you."
"She'll make me streaky on purpose."

That was ever so slightly amusing. Just the fact that he looked worse than all of us lot who had just had a pint of blood taken in the heat.

I've put my cheque in the bank now so I'm waiting for that to clear so I can book mine and Emz's spa day. She needs to give me £50 so I can put that in and pay the lot on
I'm looking forward to being pampered.

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