Friday, 31 July 2009


I'm on antidepressants.


As well as that, I have to go for blood tests on Monday to make sure my feeling tired and run down isn't due to anything else and I have to see my doctor even more than before.
I fucked up getting a sick note as well so I still have no source of income what-so-ever. Mum said she's coming with me on Wednesday morning to talk to her about it because I froze up when I tried today. After that I have to go to the psychologist for more of the same crap as every other time I've gone there.

Everything just feels like it's going wrong.

I'm also desperate to do a Masters in September but can't find money anywhere. The way I'm feeling right now means that it's stupidly difficult to get a job to help pay for such a thing.
I've been looking at bank loans but the repayments are harsh.

Urrgghhh, let me sleep.

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