Saturday, 24 May 2008

I feel like I've swallowed a badger...

...which is awful considering I didn't have much to drink last night then stuck to juice. Had something to eat when I got back AND got through a bottle of water.
This is my liver finally getting its revenge; It knows I'm cutting down and is making me pay for past piss-ups now.
All as a result of a friend's birthday drinky thing I went to last night. Was a laugh but I went home pretty early 'cos I was feeling a bit ill.

I finally got my book through for my Developing the Novel module at uni next year.
I've had a bit of a look through and so far the guy just seems a tad too patronising for my liking. It's all "My way is the right way...anything else and you shall suffer an epic fail!" (not that he says that anywhere in the book thus far; it's just a vibe I'm getting from it). None the less, I've been trying to dig out the little exercises we're meant to do over the summer in order to prep ourselves for the upcoming classes. They're tricky to find though. They all seem to be in and around various diagrams made up of lines, circles, triangles and naff explanations.
You can tell I'm reaaaaaallllyyy not enthused by this module, can't you? I can read novel after novel quite happily, but nothing is igniting any interest in me for actually getting down to writing one. Ah well, hopefully that will fade once the course actually starts to get going. I'm still looking forward to Fiction and innovative form anyway.

I'm still eagerly awaiting the arrival of another book I ordered off Amazon the other day. It should be here my next week (I hope so anyway). It's called Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories For Women. I know it probably sounds a weenie bit wrong to you, but I'm intrigued by it really
as it's a bunch of fairytale rewrites. I'm already VERY into what Angela Carter does with her reworkings of fairy tales and, since I first discovered her, I've loved seeing what other people can do with old classics. Granted this probably won't be as sophisticated or poetic as Angela, and there will probably be dirty goings on with Snow White and her Dwarfs, I'm rather excited to read it anyway. Plus I love erotica in general (the proper stuff, not 5 minute porn involving mere thrusting and spurting...bleurgh...). I know I'm supposed to be focusing on getting through 10 novels for my course, and I'm slowly getting through them, but I'm really enjoying looking at all the short fiction out there right now. As soon as I've paid my phone bill I'm going to get a collection of Roald Dahl's short stories. I loved him when I was a kid and think he is a genius now I'm a smelly old grown up.

I think I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging today. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find people who like to talk about books, so I pour stuff out here instead. Not harming anyone.

Anyway, I suppose I had better go and have a bath then find something half decent to wear to a gig I'm going to this evening. My boyfriend's band are playing at a location I'm bound to get lost trying to find aaaannnndd I'm expecting a couple of friends in a few hours who are coming with me. Ought to be good AND this place serves old style cocktails. Not that I can have many - diet and all that jib-jab - but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless.


Weeping Shadows said...

I haven't even looked at The weekend novelist yet... I need to look at it soon.

Yum. Erotica. Sounds good :)
THAT probably sounds wrong. LOL.

Half-Divine said...

Hahaha...yum. Nutter :op

The book came. It's a lot better than I thought it would be appart from there's a little too much female submission. That aside, they've nicely written and have no crude language.
S'all good!