Monday, 19 May 2008


I'm ITCHING to write something...trouble is that I have noooooooo idea what.
Due to a rather bad lady pain day, I've been pretty much bed ridden and watching DVDs all day. My favourite comedies: Black Books, Family Guy, Spaced, The Young Ones...
It's made me want to write. To write and be funny. I've had so many ideas racing around my head all day but haven't got a clue as of what to do with them.
Do I write snapshots? Shall I try and knock out some of a script? Just pile them all into my blog and let people see what weird crap manages to race through my head and leave it at that?
Any more of this and I may go mad. How do other writers cope with this? To have ideas and not know what the flip you want to do with them.

Want to see what's made me go made today? Blame all this...

Black Books

The Young Ones


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Weeping Shadows said...

I love Margaret Atwood, she's brilliant! :)

You know what, I feel the same way about the writing thing! I have all of these ideas tumbling around in my head like a pea in a can, but it won't spill out. *sigh*