Monday, 19 May 2008

Right, screw it!

I'm going to get healthy!

Ever since my pill consultation I've felt like crap about myself. Not me in general, but me as in the vessel I have to carry myself in.
It's not exactly my weight I'm focussing on here because I've been a big person just about my whole life and I don't actually think I'd be able to go down by much (my whole family are on the large side). I just really want to get healthy because I've got a feeling that naff health may be contributing to a few problems I've been having lately (such as the constant tiredness, the extra depressive bouts, my skin breaking out even though I'm on treatment to stop it etc).
As of today I'm going to try and change things!
I already eat quite healthy and have done for years, my problem is that I drink to much alcohol. Even though I've cut down by a massive amount I still drink too much of the sodding stuff. From now on I'm going to try and be strict with myself and stick to just two units a week. That means if there's a friday night out thing planned then I can have two normal boozy drinks and if it's a friday and saturday night thing then I can have one on each night then stick to juice and soft drinks afterward.
Another thing I'm going to do - along with my best mate - is go swimming again. I haven't been since I was 14 because I HATE the way I look in a costume, but if my mate comes with me then I won't feel so alone and we'll both have someone to have a laugh with whilst we're in there. Plus the pool we've chosen is in the gym she used to be a member of, so it's more likely that there will just be adults in the pool rather than idiot kids who like to throw insults.
I'd like to try something else as well as swimming but I have to be careful with what I choose because I have problems with my hips (most people know this anyway). I've decided to up my walking. I used to do Hammersmith bridge and back twice a week but now I'm going to up it to walking for at least an hour every day.
Another of my friends goes to belly dancing classes and asked me along. I'll think about it.

What I really need is people looking out for me though.
No buying me alcoholic drinks when we're out, no lunch out at resturants anymore (Emma!) and some positive encouragement about getting my arse moving. I'm not the most motivated of people so some poking and being told to shift my bum wouldn't go amiss.

I've decided I'm going to start this off first - so I can at least get going - and then I'm going to start taking my pill. I'm hoping that it'll have a lesser chance of effecting my weight and blood pressure if I have ways of keeping it down I'll probably feel loads better in myself for doing all this.

So, as soon as my bursary comes in, I'm off to buy a new swimming costume and a damn supportive sports bra!

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Weeping Shadows said...

Alcohol bad!

Good on ya girl, I'll be there to poke you if you lose motivation ;P