Thursday, 1 May 2008

IT'S OVER!!!!! (Nearly).

I'm almost free from uni for the summer.
I handed the last of my portfolio work on Tuesday, so now I just have my Romanticism exam coming up next Thursday. After then I'M OUTTA THERE (for 5 months).

I'm so relieved.
I think my head was about to explode from all the pressure. Deadlines suck...which isn't the best thing for a writer to say since that'll be my life if I carry on with the craft once my degree is over and done with.

I went out with uni friends on Tudesday evening. We went to Wagamama's and it was quite cool, although you could see the steam rising off of all of us...everyone was shattered and worried about modules.
I also and chocolate fudge cake with seaweed in it...verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy odd tasting.
Thank you again to Diana and Abi for paying for me. I PROMISE I'll pay you guys back once my bursary is in (since you wouldn't take what I had in my purse on the day).

I spent the day with Emma and Anthony yesterday. It was a laugh and it was soooooo good to just hang out with them without having to worry about getting back home to do more work.
We sat around the room for a bit, cleaned, had a walk around the shops annnnndd went to Nandos, where Ant deciced to change my name. I'm no longer Shelly, no, I am now Onion-face Squarepants (charming Godson I have). We sat around in the evening drinking white wine spritzers, eating cheesecake and watching the Chelsea V. Liverpool match along with Ant's Godfather and his girlfriend.

Today I'm finally chilling out on my own and watching friends for a little bit until my boyfriend gets here. I'm really glad that, after my exam, the once a week seeing each other thing will be over with because it's not enough. Not enough for him or for Emma, who I manage to only see twice a week (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!).

Tomorrow starts revision, but that's only rereading the texts I looked at on the course so it shouldn't be too awful. In theory anyway...

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Weeping Shadows said...

Noooo no pay back.

You don't have to. I won't take it just like I didn't take that fiver you were trying to push on us ;P

Don't worry about it. ;)