Saturday, 26 July 2008

The afterlife of the party.

So I've woken up today after an evening at the party from hell.

It was a triple whammy 21st birthday party between three of my boyfriend's friends and I really did not enjoy myself. For starters, outside of the club, I had a panic attack type fit and couldn't get out of the car. In all seriousness, I physically couldn't open the door and leave...and, on the one attempt at it, the air hitting me and then hearing a drunken scream made me slam the door shut again and start shaking. My mum had to call Ben and get him to come over to the car to walk with me once I'd finally calmed down enough to get out.
Just as he and I were walking away to the club, mum started honking the horn and calling us both back...the car had broken down. So after standing around and waiting for her to finish with my phone - emergency call to dad - we finally got into the club and went straight outside to the back of the place where it was quieter and I could get some air. After many rounds of "Don't overdo it", "If you feel panicky then don't hesitate in getting me to take you home" with a remix of "Only stay if you want to", he had to run off because he'd been asked to take photos of the evening. I went and sat on a grubby old bench with two new-ish friends and another one who I've known for almost 10 years but want to slap because he's being such an arse lately (you'll find out why a bit later).
That part was alright. The weather was finally cooling down and us of the bench were playing the innuendo game; rudest thing won a drink. I can't quite remember what we were all coming out with, but there were mumbles of "good head" when drinking beer, "Mmm...foamy" and "Yeah, I always swallow it down".
We all got moved indoors at 11 because the noise was upsetting the neighbours or something. So into the sweltering club we went, perched at a table closest to the door we'd just been pushed through by the owner because we weren't moving inside quickly enough, and we started throwing rice bags at each other and shouting things in squeaky voices every time my friend's mum called him. Ben kept running over every so often to make sure I was alright, but could never stand there very long without someone shouting "OI, TAKE MORE PICTURES!"

Sounds OK so far...

The people I was sitting with all smoke so, when the urge hit, they ALL got up from the table and left me on my own. All of them knew about the car incident because Ben had told them to help keep an eye on me for him, yet they all left without so much as a goodbye or back soon. I sat there all on my own juggling rice bags for a bit before pulling out my chair to go to the bar, or at least somewhere, just to make sure I didn't look like some kind of pathetic loner, but hearing Ben's voice behind me boom "Where the hell did that lot go?", made me jump a bit and sit back down. He sat with me until they got back then had to run off again to take more photos.
One of the birthday girls, Louise, wandered over to me a little while after and sat on my lap whilst going "Oh, Shelly Shelly Shelly, You're fit...I love you, your my sexy woman, hahahahahaha." she then stuck her face in my boobs. Sounds weird but she does it all the time...although she took it a bit too far when she made Ben come over and take a photo of her with her head in there...and then another photo where the cheeky cow pulled my top down! I screamed, fell backward and tried to yank my top back to where it should have been whilst a flash went off and Ben shouted "SPANK BANK!".
She ran over to the table singing "I love Shelly's boobies I do, there such fun, dobedoooo", then "Ben...Ben...aren't they great. So much fun."
"Yes, I know that, but stop shouting about how fun my girlfriends boobs are to everyone!"

You'd have thought that random act of molestation would have been enough for her to leave me alone but, an hour later, she came back and started again. She pulled my chair out from under the table and started giving me a bloody lap dance and she made Ben take more photos of it...except for he was now filming it rather than just doing the photos. He shouted "Spank bank" again then ran off showing it to people.

Ben tried to get photos of us together but I really didn't want my picture taken anymore. I tried but after three attempts he gave up on the idea. He kept checking the photos back and going "baby, why have you got drunk eye?".
My face is just like that when you force me to smile *sigh*

Things at the table got boring, so they all decided to get up and go for a smoke again instead. The friend I mentioned before, the one I've known for nearly a decade, got up to leave me on my own again so I said "You're honestly just going to leave me here on my own in a room full of strangers? 10 years of friendship vs a cigarette."
He just went "but I really want one" and walked away.
I ended up getting up to go to the ladies then hid in a cubicle for a bit because I was sure I was going to start crying. I had to leave when some woman began banging on the door going "You dead in there or something?"
I ended up going outside and standing in a corner away from the smokers. Ben spotted me there and started fuming when I said they'd left me on my own again. He said he was sick of it and that we were going to go home. Whilst he went off to say goodbye and take a few last minute photos, I sat on a bench near the entrance to try and cool down. That friend of mine walked back in, completely blanked me, must have wandered around for a bit inside the club then came back out going "Oh, no one is in there, I suppose I'll just sit here with you."
It took a LOT of effort to hold my tongue at that point. As Ben came out to find me, so we could leave, he turned to my friend looking slightly concerned and said "All on your own?" I just grabbed him and said "He is. Shame we have to go really, but never mind. Bye."
It sounds evil, but I was so damn angry at him that I honestly didn't care. Ben gave me a "that was harsh" look, but I'm sick of that dude always doing that to me. This isn't the first time he's gone off with other people and left me with no pretty much happens every time we all go out.

Ben and I walked over to the bus stop and waited ages for a poxy bus to come, but it just didn't happen. In the end, one of his friends drove us home.

It doesn't exactly sound like the most awful thing ever, but I don't fare well around large groups of people (especially those I don't know). Couple that to the constant ditching and being groped when I really don't like people pissing about and doing that...well...
I have to see THAT so called friend again today at Ben's gig this afternoon. I doubt either of us will be talking to each other for very long.

Sorry for how ranty and muddled this post is. I've pretty much typed out everything I can remember without much thought to the usual technical doohickeys that go with good writing. I actually don't care at all on this occasion.
Ahhhh venting.

Oh, by the way, shameless plug right here. HA!


Weeping Shadows said...

Venting's awesome... that's the coolness of owning a blog!

That sounded like the worst day ever, I don't blame for venting out; Ben didn't really... help. He kind of encouraged it, taking the pics and what not?

Well, at least it's over? x

Half-Divine said...

I know.
It seemed to have slipped his mind that I can't stand cameras, yet I'll explian why, yell, write it down, perform it in improvisational dance, and he still forgets and doesn't understand why.