Sunday, 27 July 2008

Round two, ding ding!

Oh yesterday was a barrel of laughs *not*

La Rebla Fam were doing a gig on Bush green in the afternoon and I was really looking forward to going. Open air, surrounded by a fun fair, laughter, seeing my cousin who I've not been face to face with in two and a half years, seeing Ben and his family. Sounds great really, and some of it was, but it all started getting rather cack...

I was supposed to get ready then go sit with my family for a little while, but ended up running late so only managed 10 minutes with them - whilst they were having a BBQ but I didn't have time to get comfy and eat anything - before I had to walk up to the tube station and meet my cousin, Danielle, outside of a pub close to the gig. I got there a weenie bit late but found her straight away checking her watch and puffing on a cigarette. I shouted "OI, SMOKEY JOE!" then she screamed "SHEEEELLLLLLYYY", dropped the cigarette and ran over to give me a scary jump-hug type of thing. After many more hugs and screeches of "You look you good", "You used to be taller than me, what happened", "You've lost so much weight" and "Those shoes are AMAZING", we made out way over to the fun fair then walked through to the stage. Ben and Co were all lounging around on the grass in front of the stage singing some kind of song about beans (don't know...honestly) as Dani and I walked over to them. The sun glistened off of a gold Zelda symbol on Ben's shirt which made Dani turn and go "I approve of him already...Zelda's fucking fabulous!"
Nothing much happened after that. We stood and watched La Rebla perform - after being introduced by someone who reminded me of a naff local radio DJ - even though it really wasn't their best set. They have a lot of expletives in their songs which were not allowed to be uttered, so they had to come up with alternatives. Some didn't work because they ruined the rhymes, sometimes they just shouted "Bleep" and Simon came out with possibly the funniest thing ever for one line. It was supposed to go "I fucking hate myself" but Simon shouted "SMEGGING hate mysellllffff" (it's better if you know the song, but never mind). The boys could hardly be heard because the sound limit was only 90 decibels, from what Ben told me, they got in serious shit once they were offstage because they kept hitting 102.

Something that was sweet: Ben's sister came over to me and said "My little cousin just asked if you were Ben's girlfriend and said, if so, then you're very pretty"
I just blushed. It was a nice compliment.

So the gig finished and then the crap started.
Firstly, two of my friends decided they both wanted to attempt to chat up my cousin. We went off for a walk around the fun fair and they both kept pushing me out of the way so they could circle Danielle in a stupid attempt to get her attention. One ran off and started winning teddy bears on things. He gave me one of them and gave another to Dani. The other one kept coming out with really stupid jokes and did random dances to try and make her laugh...
It took me ages to drag her off away from them long enough to warn her of what they were up to.
With her thoroughly warned, we all went off to the pub for a post-gig drink up.
Wasn't too bad in there; we all sat around and had a laugh, everyone was talking to Dani, the drinks were flowing as much as the conversation, Dani and I put the bears into random Kama Sutra positions, all well........that was until that friend of mine I spoke about in my last blog arrived.
I'm still incredibly pissed off with him and Ben doesn't like him at all anymore.
He slinked his way over to our table and just jumped into the conversation, then he tried to get the people I was sitting with to go outside with him and smoke, including Dani who managed to say "That's a bit rotten, ain't it? Shell's gonna end up sitting on her own."
Some people went home - including the friend that gave me one of the teddy bears...he asked for my one back - so we all squished into one of the booths and carried on talking. The friend who likes to ditch then began his usual thing of looking at his empty glass all depressed, sighing really loudly when Ben offered me and Dani a drink, and sometimes reaching over to grab someones drink for a swig when they weren't looking. At one point he asked Dani if she had any cigarettes left because he had none, to which she replied no. All of a sudden, a green carton comes out under the table and he's got four in the thing. I snapped at him, saying "Why don't you go out and buy your own? Or smoke the ones you've already got?"
"I didn't ask her for one."
Ben joined in and pretty much started a full blown argument "Yes you did, we blatantly heard it."
"I asked MYSELF if I had any cigarettes left. I was talking to me."
"That's bollocks 'cos Danielle wouldn't have answered you otherwise."
"She didn't answer me."
Dani "Yeah I did."
Ben "Y'know what, mate, stop sponging off of everyone and ditching when you can't get anything out of it. You're a poncey idiot and we're all getting sick of it!"
I ended up shouting "STOP IT" at both of them. The argument stopped, but the tension was still very much there. Ben didn't bother looking at him the rest of the evening apart from when he thought of a good gay joke.
Another argument broke out a few hours afterward. After Dani asked this friend why he wasn't talking anymore, Ben jumped in and went "Why are you even here?"
He shrugged and that was it, Ben let rip "Y'know we're all in here after being at a gig. MY FRIENDS came to see MY BAND and then decided to go to OUR LOCAL for a drink and a chat afterwards. Where were you earlier? You didn't turn up to watch us play, yet you seemed to just turn up at the pub with us all and expect to worm your way in and steal everyone's drinks and cigarettes. Not only that, but you constantly ditch people who can't give you anything. Shelly doesn't smoke and has no money so you wander off and leave her on her own all the time. Some fucking friend you're supposed to be; this lot treat her better than you do and you're supposed to have been her mate for 10 years or something now. You don't even have the decency to make sure she gets home OK after you go out. I don't care how gay you are, you don't leave a lady on her own that late. Why don't you fuck off out of the group because you're not welcome in with us anymore. You're a twat who quite frankly needs a slap!"

After all that HE STILL STAYED. He ended up coming to Chicken Cottage with the group and everything. A couple of people who felt a bit sorry for him after Ben's outburst bought him food and the moment he'd eaten it he shouted "Right, bye then." and went home.

I was in a fowl mood by the end of the evening. I was annoyed at those two friends for not leaving Dani alone, Ben got so drunk and stupid in the end that he began pissing me off completely, That other friend pissed me off as well (I can't handle being around him anymore, I really can't). To top it all I had NOTHING to eat yesterday at all. I felt so sick by the end of the night and it was too late to make anything once I got home. I woke up this morning feeling like crap and dived straight for a box of Cheerios.


Weeping Shadows said...

Ya know, the only upside of that whole day was Ben's sister saying you were pretty!
That is sooooo sweet! I had to go Aw when I read it.
But that day seemed complete bollocks; what is up with that dude? (The dude you really don't like..)

Half-Divine said...

Wish I knew *sigh*
He's now going on about how fake Ben and I am.
Whatever...I'm past caring now. Seriously.