Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Oh, to be woman (part two).

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So I finally decided to just take the damn thing and started the first pack a few days ago. I figured that I'm only a 2 minute walk away from the family planning service if I felt anything go wrong and getting pregnant could carry the same, in fact even more, risks (plus, y'know, an extra person).
So far all that's happened is that I've started getting odd headaches and the increased appetite thing seems to have started today now too. I felt sick from hunger when my alarm went off this morning, so I went off to the kitchen to have my lovely low GI breakfast (I've started a low GI diet to try and combat this hunger thing). I felt soooo much better after...well, for about an hour after but then the hunger started to come back. I've been trying to fight it off with blueberries and water so far. Not quite working...
I'm hoping this goes away after a few cycles or that I just get used to it enough to know how to fight it.
I did think that it made me go all weird lately: I was clumsy, confused, kept drifing off and wasn't able to concentrate but I'm now just putting that down to not getting enough sleep 'cos I had a better night last night and now don't feel so "woooaaaahhhh maaannnnnn."

In other news, I FINALLY got my Romanticism mark for Lit: passed with 58%.
It's not the best, but it's quite good for me especially since I missed so many classes. This means that I'm all set for going into my third year of uni in September.
Now that worry is out of the way, I just have to try anf focuss on getting my summer reading done because I am S L A C K I N G.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Eh, it should be fine.

I'm slacking on the reading as well *sigh*