Saturday, 8 March 2008

Don't lick the passion fruit.

Oh what a day...what a couple of days in fact.

Emma and I went out today because I SERIOUSLY needed to get out of the house and have some female company before I went fucking insane. She pretty much needed to get out of the house and have some less irritating company before she went insane too.
Aside from still feeling like crap, and her the same most probably, it was a really nice day. We met up in Hammersmith for lunch then went for a wander around the shops for a little while. It was freezing and starting to spit down a bit, so of course Em decided that Oxford Street would be a good idea.
We waited around the bus station for a 10, then waited around Kensington High street for about 50 years because the driver was so bloody slow. Ok, so it was an hour rather than 5o years, but it felt that way. The only thing that stopped Em from going mad and me from falling asleep was the driver of another bus sneaking up alongside waving, winking and blowing kisses at us.
It started to piss down as well. Not that great really when I had no hood and no umbrella...and Emma was sitting there in just a t-shirt and a really thin cardigan, so when we got off we were going "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" whilst trying to stay under shop shelter and dodge the elbows of other shoppers. People are so rude and push-tastic considering as they don't really have anywhere to go...
Anyway, we finally managed to get to Dorothy Perkins - where Em pretty much bought half the shop - as well as a quick peek around Evans for shoes, then we got a bus back down to Queensway and ended up in a funky cocktail bar. £8.50 a cocktail but FUCK they were nice!!!
I had one called a Passion Star - was rum with orange juice and passion fruit - and Emma had one called a Painkiller. OH MY GOD they should sell them as sex aids...I kid you not, I've never had a drink like it. Cannot describe how good it was. Tottally worth the stupid amount of money (plus I was in serious needed of a drink today).
We left at about 6 because Emma had a date with her new bloke and needed to get home. When she left I decided to have a wander around the shops. Bought some stuff, as you do, then I walked back home and collapsed on my bed.
It was so damn nice to go out. What with uni, the homework and the general lack of friends with free time, I barely get to go out anymore. A trip OUTSIDE with my girl and a good dose of booze has really worked wonders.

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