Sunday, 2 March 2008

Up, down, up, down. Here we go again...

Decided to blog a bit whilst on my tea and naan bread essay break (screw what the advert says, naan is better than a kit-kat any day!).

Today - just like every day for the last three weeks now - has been a rather up and down.
It's becoming irritating. One moment I'm elated, laughing hysterically and playing a mean air axe along to the radio, the next I find myself conked out on my bed falling asleep and deciding whether I want to cry or hit something. It's like temporary bipolarity has struck me down and decided to go in fast-forward just for the sheer hell of it.
I do know what's causing it all though, it's my little old friend, stress!
Without going into full scale detail - because this is only a 15 minute break I'm taking - I have a lot happening and a lot to worry about at the moment. It's all swirling around my head in murky blues and greys. Storm clouds and lightning in the form of tears and headaches. I'm finding it hard to sleep, to concentrate, to enjoy things, I feel about as desirable as a painted boulder, and I keep getting the most stupid food cravings EVER! Honestly, it's been chocolate then carrots, then naan bread, then chocolate in naan bread (and no...before anyone thinks it...just no!).

In truth , this happens to me a lot, but I wish it wouldn't happen during deadline time. Falling asleep whilst trying to read stuffy literary theory and write for my essay just isn't cool.

If anyone knows of any instant pick-me-ups then please let me know.
That's what email and text messaging was invented for!

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