Monday, 10 March 2008

Freezing my hypothetical knackers off...

I'm so cold!
My friend Abi and I had to trek back home from Roehampton because of some problem with the busses. We waited around for a 72 for a good hour, then decided it would just be quicker to walk it since there was no sign of the thing. We go down Roey lane but no bus, into Barnes but no bus, into Castelnau and still no fucking bus...turns out most weren't running or had been diverted because the bus station had been taped off by police. Fuck knows what's going on down there for that to happen, all I know is that I'm now officially knackered and I'm damn sure Abi must be as well.
However, before I go and tuck my tired self into my gorgeously warm and cosy bed, I'm going to share my day with you peoples.
I was rudely awoken by my alarm, to which I kept hitting snooze, but I finally realised I needed to get up as I only had half an hour left to get ready. Ran around the house in a panic then legged it out of the door and into the cold.
Usual walk to the bus stop with music blaring from my headphones to drown out the schoolkids. Waited an hour for the 72 and just about made it to my Romanticism lecture. That was boring as hell.
Went up to my advanced narrative class straight after English and met with the crazy peoples. I sat there like a lemon whilst they nattered on about anime and watched puffs of smoke go past the window. Class was cool: Leone sent us out to watch two people having a conversation and we had to write down all their movements. Hard to do when people realise you're watching them and start to clam up or get hostile though.
Second part of the lesson was just damn funny. Diana and I had to sit and have a conversation whilst Abi wrote down as much as we were saying as possible in order to catch our natural voices, then body language had to be noted as well as something else but I can't remember. We then had to do a touching exercise. Well, only us brave ones who didn't mind someone else stroking us did the exercise anyway. The rest of the class watched. I was paired up with Abi who had to close her eyes then grab my hand, feel my face and stroke my hair. I had to do likewise afterward. Classmates and Leone were laughing at us all half the time, especially the girl who came over to watch Abi and I.
What an odd thing to ask us to do...think I may have accidently gone up Abi's nose at one point. No worries though 'cos she did that to me. Lol.

I will edit this blog when I'm no so cold, but right now I just want to curl up and watch QI in the warm!!

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