Friday, 21 March 2008

Stream-of-conciousness (excuse spelling and lack of punctuation...lack of clarity and sanity too...).

We forgive yet we are still upset at all the snapping and the harshness and the words that wanted to explode from our mouths even though we kept them in. We held our tongues with imaginary metal clamps, producing babbles rather than curse words. Leaving with a push rather than an embrace.
Why oh why oh why why why why why why why why should it be that stupid. Why?
Stupid stupid stupid with extra stupid and a spattering of "What the fuck happened?"
I'm too tired. Waking up hurts. Croak of a back in unison with croak of the bed and croak of the voice moaning that it's too hot and who the hell turned the radiator on to wake people up when they were sleeping quite dreamlessly. Up and awake to a Friday that's supposed to be good but I highly doubt it'll be anything other than a disapointment and a broken promise out of spite. We give eggs around this time, a different day and week each year, because apparently Jesus liked chocolate and believed in the holy bunny. A time of fertility and rebirth, but only do it if you're married, folks, except you pagans for who his day was originaly invented for anyway. Sorry about your hijacking, but here, have an egg.
I should clean this keyboard...there's cranberry juice spilt carelessly down the keyboard and it's sticky to the touch. Sticky to the type. Letters AQZS and caps lock all stiffened by a boucing red berry. Technology is so perfect, so advanced, so state of the art...yet it can't protect itself from a crushed berry attack when its idiot owner deciced to shake the bottle before pouring but forgot to replace the cap first.
Wants and needs are playing on my mind, I know what I want but I know I don't need the hassle if it all goes wrong but I can't say a word against it because I'll be back to paragraph one all over again.

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