Thursday, 13 March 2008

So I can actually write...

I had a tutorial with Leone today.
I was completly bricking it last night because I had written sod all to show her for the portfolio. I gulped a glass of wine then hacked away at my keyboard just to get down SOMETHING...ANYTHING. I finished at about 2 in the morning with 500 words to print off and give to her ready for scrutiny.
Shockingly she actually really liked what I had written. It was mainly a piece of characterisation about a once glamourous woman now turned agoraphobic with only her son for company. Aside from a few alterations - I'm a bit wordy - she said it had a beautiful rhythm to it and it had the right levels of sadness and fun. We mainly sat around discussing where I can take it, like if I was going to leave it the way it was to make it a snapshot, add an inciting incident or add a twist (she told me that she hates twists and hopes I'll steer clear of them though).
I really can't believe she was that happy with it. I always think I suck at what I do, but this has really put me in good spirits.

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