Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Interesting homewwork...

Since it's now my easter break, Madam Leone has set some mad homework for us to be getting on with.
I printed the list of stuff today and had a read through. It's interesting but funny and a weenie bit weird!
Aside from the usual reading we have to do, we've also got weekly writing tasks to complete.

Week one: Spend an hour at your local bus station or train station, and make a conscious effort to overhear as many conversations as possible. Use one of them as the basis for a short story of any form. FINISH THE STORY.

Week two: Every day this week, write on one of these subjects for 15 minutes: Write about an incident that could be used against you if you ever ran for political office; tell a story in the form of a love letter; write about your worst habit; write about how your parent explained (or didn’t explain!) the facts of life to you (I do mean sex!)

Week three: Every day this week, write on one of these subjects for 15 minutes: write a sci-fi or horror story entirely in alternating chat lines in an Internet chat room; write a story about someone having their fortune told; invent a character who sees a phone number on a wall – what happens when he/she calls the number?

I can say, without shadow of a doubt, that I'm going to enjoy the exercises for week two a lot. Political office and worst habbit especially. The phone number one from week three will be a laugh as well. I'm brimming with ideas for once, just keep your fingers crossed that I'll be able to put them down in words.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Hehe, the homework does sound great doesn't it!

I went to my train station... and I swear people were looking at me suspiciously lol.

I was just listening to people's conversations...