Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Argh and such.

The majority of my time has been spent trying to get my essay for postmodern plunder finished. I'm pretty much done apart from a decent conclusion but I'm really not happy with it. Essay writing has never really been my strong point. What matters is that at least I've done something to give in.

Aside from that I've just been working, catching up with Eastenders and eating copious amounts of mushrooms. It's so annoying, I crave the damn things now. It used to be naan bread but now but now it's fungal cups of joy.

I have enjoyed a week of no Lush. I do like it there but my hours are painful to get through during week days (hardly anyone comes in. It was a silly idea hiring 36 members of staff for such a tiny place). I'm back on Friday then again on Saturday for 9 PAINFUL LEG CRAMPING HOURS!!!!! I hope I get to sit down during my lunch break this time.
I'm going to dash off to the pub after I've finished on Friday evening. I'll probably get there at about 10 but it's a friend's birthday and I want to wish him a good one. Plus the rest of the group probably think I'm dead or Ben has locked me in a cupboard or something...and I know I'll need a drink after my shift.

What else can I say...ah!

I've ordered Bill Bailey's new stand-up DVD, Tinselworm, and I'm and REALLY looking forward to it arriving. I was going to save it and wait to sit and watch it with Ben because he's been wanting to see it too. I also ordered season 7 of Family guy which should be here by the end of the week. I'm debating whether to get the complete Vicar of Dibley collection which is only £17.98 on amazon at the moment. I know I need to have for Christmas but I haven't had a DVD spree in ages.

Oh, by the way, I bought the black corset in the end and it was awful. I'm sending it back either tomorrow or Friday.

That's all I have for now. Byyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee.

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