Sunday, 16 November 2008

Just thinking and such.

I've had time to dwell on the events of yesterday. I'm still bloody angry and upset at my manager warning me that I'll probably get the sack, but I've been talking to a workmate I've gotten quite close with and we've both agreed that work is bollocks anyway.
I really thought I'd love working at Lush, but it's been stressy right from the word go. It's not the customers or my fellow Lushies, it's just the manager constantly putting pressure on us all. I know all managers have to be twats - that's part and parcel of the job - but Lush is supposed to be about working hard and playing harder. Under his watch we have to constantly talk to customers and if we're not then we're somehow slacking (some people don't want to be nagged at. I know I don't like it when I go into a shop) and talking to fellow members of staff is a no no. He gets this manic look in his eye...I'm scared he's going to start developing a twitch.
Surely my top constantly being in a state of dampness, my hands being so chapped from demo water that it's painful and my apron spattered with so much glitter and so many colours that you'd be convinced I'd wanked off a pixie would indicate that I'm doing my job!!!

So I've spent today trying to chill out by lazing about in my pyjamas whilst drinking copious amounts of beer and listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall on full blast over and over again. Then just their song Comfortably Numb over and over again.

At least I get to see the guys at uni tomorrow morning. Not that I've even read the book we're supposed to be looking at this week. I don't even have the damn thing. I'm too sick of Simon to care...I'd rather just write my novel chapter and fail the class in peace.


Gorilla Bananas said...

You really need a sugar daddy to look after you while you write your novel.

Manda-Caroline said...

We missed you today, hunny!

So, are you decided on what you're going to do about your job, or are you still unsure?