Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Treated myself today.

I'm so fed up of feeling like crap that I decided to hit the shops and buy a few things today.
I was going to go first thing this morning so I'd have a whole day to look around but, after yet another night of no sleep at all, I ended up crawling into my parents bed once the plasterer had arrived to fix my wall and crashed out for an hour or so.

I didn't go too far but I bought a few goodies.
I went to La Senza and picked up some new undies which are rather fabulous (I think everyone knows by now that the majority of my money goes on underwear, socks, things for sexy time and haircare).
I then went into Lush and bought a load of things in there before I get the sack and have to wave goodbye to my 50% discount. I was greeted by my supervisor, Vicki J, who ran up to me yelling "DUUUUUDDDDEEE!" before giving me the biggest bear hug ever. She then wandered around the shop with me to have a chat and a nosy at what I was buying. One of my managers, Emma, joined in but another of the 3, Tom, didn't say anything...he just gave me a sad look before walking into the back room.
I spent £23 (so that's £46 worth of stuff really) on:
-Big shampoo
-Ocean salt face scrub
-Baby face solid cleanser
-The big tease hair gel (which I'm annoyed about 'cos I actually wanted King of the Mods but no one stacked the shelves properly).
-A sex bomb bath ballistic
-A Chocolate Santa bath ballistic
For mum:
-Rehab shampoo
-Coolulin conditioner

I used my stuff once I got in, just to pamper myself a little bit and stop this living dead look I've got going on right now and I'm VERY impressed! Baby face got rid of so much gunk off my face you'd have thought I'd never washed it before, Ocean salt made my skin feel like it was burning off but made it look very bright and Big shampoo has made my hair AMAZING!!! I put my hair through hell with straighteners, hair dye, styling products, it being pulled about and just general stress causing it to go horrible, but it's left it so shiny I'm sure you could see your reflection in it and so soft that I dare not go near Abi anytime soon with her hair stroking ways...

I'm pleased with that and I look a bit better but still feel awful.
The being sick thing is still happening (too much information but never mind), I'm not sleeping at all at night regardless of what I take to help me, I have a constant headache and I'm worrying myself over a bunch of bruises, burns and scratches that I can't explain. I hate not being able to remember where they've all come from. My arms are covered in them, my hip is purple, I have a massive bruise on my stomach, scratches on my lower back, burns on my hands. I don't like the idea of being so numb that I don't feel them happening. I can't even blame work because I've not been there since Saturday and these are fresh marks on me.

I'm really hoping I can get some sleep tonight because I have to be up at half 5 to get ready for work at half 7. I have to help with the morning stock take then do my usual shop floor crap from 9 until half 2.

I can't be arsed. All I really want to do is lay in the dark and hope no one bothers me. Or just lay there and hug Ben. I really do need that. He's the only person who hugs me these days.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Oh shells *sigh*
*hugs* I know it's not good enough..
Sounds like you had a hell of a pampering day!
Try and sleep though,
Worried about you