Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I think...

I have a crush on my manager!

I didn't think so until I found myself wandering onto his facebook page...then clicking through to his myspace page and not leaving because he has songs that's he has written up there.
I haven't had a crush since the first time I met Ben, I don't tend to fancy people often, so this is allllll a weenie bit odd. He's not even my usual type...he's rather tall, very thin and very emo looking (he admits it himself) and, at work, he is constantly covered in some kind of glitter which sparkles the most from his rather unkempt jet black hair. It'll probably go away the moment I get in trouble for stacking a load of bubble bars wrong or something, but for now I'm just, well, enjoying it I suppose. There's not exactly much else I can do about it. He's not been like my other bosses so far...we play fight in the shop, there's singing and dancing, he joins in with singing and jokes.

I can see this may take a while.


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Manda said...

I have a crush on my supervisor, Henry >.< so not good