Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I actually had an ok day today.

I got up at half 5 and got ready to start my half 7 shift at work. I really wasn't looking forward to going in. I got about an hours sleep the whole night and my pinny was still damp because I'm not allowed to put the radiators on. I didn't have time for tea or breakfast, but I did have time to swig from a bottle of vodka I've got in the kitchen.
Got lost trying to figure out what entrance I had to go to in order to get in the centre, but managed to work it out and was 5 minutes early in the end.

I found another girl I work with, Grace, waiting on the sofas outside the shop so we sat there for a bit singing songs about gerbils (I don't know why). My supervisor, Dallas, opened up the shop and we wandered in to check the stock, stack the shelves and sing along badly to Pink. After that it was mopping up the floors, making sure we had chocolate Santas wrapped up for customers and putting ice in the table for the fresh face masks to sit out on.
Not long after we opened up, my manager sent me on an errand...I had to wander around the centre trying to find somewhere that sold a collinder and a watering can. That took nearly an hour. I want back and said there was no way in hell I'd be able to find a watering can in a big posh shopping he sent me out and about around the shops to find them instead. That took another hour and I LOVED IT!!! I wasn't stuck in that damn stuffy shop, I got to prove I was trustworthy and I could sneak off to find something to eat as well since I didn't have time for breakfast.
He was happy with the watering can I eventually found in Morrisons. It's actually quite cute and dainty for a £2.49 plastic thing. I also found out that my crazy shop errand had a good reason behind it; it's so we can do demos of the emotibombs in store.
After that it was just me and two other girls doing dances and singing badly to old Motown hits. We had a nice stream of customers through and I MADE SURE that my manager saw me going up and speaking to people, especially after all that bollocks last week about me just faffing about and not speaking to customers. I even made a sale that actually got him to say well done to me...a lady from a TV company came in needing gift boxes for 6 people she worked with to film a documentary about anorexia as a thank you present to them. That was almost £50 for the shop when our average customer spend is £16. I got a lady new to Lush who only wanted a bath bomb to completely change her ideas about major brand shampoos and buy £40 worth of haircare.
Another lady came in who hadn't been to Lush in over 3 years, so I took her around the whole shop showing her loads of new things as well as running around trying to find her old favourites (or at least some alternatives). Plus everyone I helped said thank you to me as they left the shop.
See...if that's me being an incompetent worker, then what the hell is a competent one supposed to do?
I'm not back until Saturday now.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. After uni *grrrrrr* I get to chill out in a bath then spend the evening with Ben. Can finally get my hug.
I'm REALLY looking forward to Friday because I have nothing to do. I can laze about in my house and randomly fall asleep in stupid places.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Ooooh, sounds a lot better!
He better had saw you doing all of that. *sigh*
I couldn't come down and scare the pervy men.. I had to go to work myself today..

But woohoo for an ok day!