Saturday, 15 November 2008


So I think I'm going to be fired from Lush.

According to my manager, I don't speak to anyone and just spend my time faffing about with the stock and cleaning.
"I'm just giving you a heads up because I have to get rid of four of you and if you don't speak then you don't stay. I've already got rid of one of you lot."

It's all COMPLETE BOLLOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granted I'm not the most confident of speakers but I don't shy away from speaking to ANYONE. The majority of the time it's just a simple case of customers not wanting any assistance and no one else looking alone or puzzled to go off and speak to. If someone doesn't want me to speak to them and would rather browse alone then I'm hardly going to follow them around and piss them off enough for them to not want to come back.

My supervisors and the trainee managers always see me when I'm working: dancing around, singing along to the crap they play, talking to customers, doing demos and just generally making a mess. Dan always manages to catch me when I've no one to talk to or a plate of bubble bars have fallen or there's a massive puddle on the floor that someone could slip on.

He told me that earlier then sent me on my break. I ended up sitting on the steps outside the centre bawling my face off (good thing I had make-up with me otherwise I'd have looked like shit).

I MADE sure that I just wouldn't shut the hell up when I got back. I ran around the shop, I did silly dances for everyone, let kids chuck foam and glitter on my head...

He even had a go at me when I asked him if he could cut 1ookg of soap for a customer waiting at the till (only managers and supervisors are allowed to do that) and he snapped at me, quite loudly, with "SHELLY, CAN YOU NOT SEE I'M BUSY?" then, when the woman looked horrified, he went "Oh, wait, sorry madam is it for you? Oh that's different then, of course I'll cut it." FUCKING CRAWL ARSE!!!!!!!!!!

Suffice to say that the crush I has is turning into hatred quite quickly.
He's only doing this because he fucked up and hired way too many members of staff. He's just picking on people now so he can cover up for his mistake. there are plenty of other people who don't say a fucking word to anyone.


Weeping Shadows said...

He sounds like a complete prat.

Manda-Caroline said...

Shit Shelly, that's out of order :-/ and 'not talking to customers' too much is a good thing - there's nothing customer's hate more than if someone's following them around chattering when they want to buy stuff.

I've been nagged about that before too. The way I solve it is to just walk around smiling, nodding at everyone and saying "good afternoon/morning/evening" and - if they look confused - ask if they need any help. If they react well to the greeting I might be too British and comment on the weather >.< but I won't fling myself needlessly at them.

I can't believe he yelled at you in front of customers. Maybe you should speak to him?

Half-Divine said...

Our job is a little bit different though. We HAVE to talk to customers. The shop has weird stuff that people don't know how to use so we have to talk them through what you so. Went through it in training and everything.
It's still bollocks though. I don speak to people...he's being a wanker on purpose.