Thursday, 6 November 2008

The last few days.

Urrrgggggghhh and woooo and urggghhhhhhh again.

I'll start with Monday.
I bunked Monday morning's DTN1 class because of some stupid excuse for a presentation we all had to do. Personally I didn't see the point of it and am still upset by the way Simon reacted to me last week so I decided to not go in. The rest of my editing group didn't either.
That's not to say I didn't try though. I got up at the normal time, got ready and packed up my bag but had a panic attack at my front door when stepping out to walk to the bus stop. I ran back into my room and cried. Mum came in wondering what the flip had happened then said there's no way I can go out and be useful in that state and helped me write out an email to my lecturer.
I spent that rest of that day catching up with reading for my Postmodern plunder class and tidied up a bit before Ben came round.
I don't remember much of the rest of the evening apart from feeling ever so slightly used. I'm not going into that though...if you really want to know then you're better of asking me.

I spent Tuesday doing a bit more reading and just generally lazing around.
I got an email from Leone about my novel plan but I can't bring myself to read it yet. I'm hoping there are no dates or anything in there otherwise I'm a tad screwed.

Wednesday saw me back at work. It was a heck of a lot quieter than last Saturday - There were 15 staff members at a time but only 5 customers max - so I wandered around a lot pretending to clean things much to the general disgust of my manager, Dan, who decided to make me useful and finally get me till trained.
When it did finally pick up in there, I was on massage duty at the front of the shop. Basically, I have to explain how our massage bars work, what they're for and which one carries which property. The women and little kids I get coming up to me are always great to do hand massages for, and the kids love the two glittery ones we have, but I get some verrrrrrryyyy creepy men as well. One guy came in with his girlfriend and I gave her a massage to show what our chocolate heart massage bar was like. She then laughed and asked if I could do the same for her other half because his hands are horrible. As I did, she went off for a wander around the shop and he starts squeezing my hands and stroking my fingers!!! I tried to stop him by saying "Ah, sir, you need to keep your palm relaxed for me." but it didn't really work in the end. After his girlfriend paid for her stuff and made to grab him and leave, he put his number in my apron then asked if I would be there next Wednesday. I ran into the back room for a bit after that with Darren - Mr Brand - following behind asking what the hell happened and if I wanted him to stand guard behind me ready to get rid of creepy customers with his trusty left shoe. I declined...wish I never did!
Later on that day, another bloke comes in and tries to eat one of our testers. Again, I show him how the bar works and offer a demo. After a lot of him groaning and gazing down my shirt, he leans down and whispers "Do you massage any other places?" before giving me a wink. For some reason I boomed "SIR, I'M A MARRIED WOMAN!" to him before dropping the bar retreating into the back room once more.
You have no idea how glad I was for my shift to end.

Today was spent at uni from 9 until 11 (he let us go early because no one had finished the book yet), then I had a run around the library to try and find something to help me with my damn postmodernism essay due for next week. ONE BLOODY BOOK I managed to find in the end. I hate that library, they're useless at keeping track of their books.
I spent the rest of the evening with Ben. Not that is was really that eventful or anything. Most of it was spent in complete silence...and not that good, comfortable silence either. He looked really annoyed when I told him about the manky guys at work doing what they did and just sat there gazing at the wall for a bit after. He snapped out of it eventually and asked when my lunch break is tomorrow. I have no idea and only get 15 minutes anyway, so there's no point in walking down.

That's pretty much been my week.
The only other thing I've been doing is corset shopping. I really do have a thing about them and have finally found two that are within my price range. Problem is, they have plastic boning rather than steel which I don't think will hold me in as much as I'd like or last its purpose. One is black satin and the other is blue with a black trim and some embroidery. The company do free returns 365 days a year if I'm not happy with it, but that's so much hassle. I'm also slightly wary because they have no modesty panel at the back.

I'll show you what they look like but, be warned, one of them has a rude model posing. That's not my intent at all, so look past it.

I really like the blue one but I have nooooo idea if that colour suits me. Mainly because of the purple/ginger/brown hair thing I have going on lately.
Oh poopy to it.

Anyway, I'm going to get myself to bed because I have an annoying early start in the morning.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Wow. Those men sound NASTY.
Gosh, you get a job you're looking forward to... and you get perverts.

You should of got someone to watch with you!!

Are you and Ben doing OK? From the sounds of what you've written, it doesn't seem so =/