Friday, 12 December 2008

And it continues...

Dan has managed to piss me off yet again today and I only spent about two minutes with him!!!
he put me down on the rota to do 21 hours next week but I'm still at uni until the 19th so I HAVE TO stick to my 15 a week. When I went back in a couple of hours after my shift to catch him, he had a go at me for not telling him sooner even though I told him a week after I started working there that I won't finish until that time. He then had the nerve to blame ME for HIM not remembering to note it down in his diary even though that's not my responsibility in the slightest.

That man makes me want to break things!!!!!!

Aside from that, I did actually enjoy my shift today. It was mainly Gillian and I wandering around the shop taking the piss out of each other and reminiscing about school days...I found out that she was the one who used to run up behind us on the bench and randomly shout weird things.
It's nice to have a kind of friend in that place. The other people I work with are OK but...I dunno...well, actually, I really like shifts with my supervisor Dallas. She and I spend most of the time quoting Monty Python or Blackadder whilst running around the shop being silly.

As for life outside of (S)Lush...well, I'm still not sleeping properly.
Mum thinks it's because something is making me afraid of my bedroom. I think that's a step too far on the silly scale. All I did was tell her something weird that happened to me last night when I settled down to go to bed. I was laying there gazing at my wall and wondering where my left sock had gone when I felt someone hit me on the side of my head!!!!! My quilt moved and everything. I'm so used to weird crap happening in my room that all I did was shout "NO!" then I turned and opened the curtain a tad.
So me telling mum I've seen figures in my room, that no matter what I do I can never get my bedroom feeling warm, I hear footsteps around the house and things turn themselves on without warning means I'm not only ill but it's what's stopping me from being able to snooze and making me feel odd all the time. Nopey nope...I love my room to pieces, even if it is freezing. I've had problems sleeping since I was a kid but since I told mum some stuff a while back, she thinks everything I say that is slightly out of the norm relates to that. Considering my Nan, Mum herself and my cousin have all had experiences like this, you'd think she'd understand a bit more. Even when Ben comes round he randomly jumps and goes "Why did you poke me?" even though I didn't even touch him.
Meh, I dunno.

Tomorrow is my day off, so I shall be lazing around in bed for most of the day then I have a party to go to in the evening...not that I can drink too much or stay out too late though because I've got work the next day (it really hinders your social life all this working malarkey).

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