Monday, 8 December 2008


I wouldn't mind the insomnia if I actually has something to do...or watch...or had people online to bug.
I'm not sleeping again and it's driving me mad because I'm exhausted. I get up at half 5 for work a lot and this week shall be no acception. Wednesday and Friday I'm in at 7.30. I get a lay in on Sunday where I'm in at 12 and leave at closing time.
That teamed up with the early mornings for uni AND Dad making sure I'm up, dressed and not lazing about in my room because I have to wait for the damn postman is really stressing me out. I think that's even what's stopping me from sleeping...I'm too tired to (if that makes any sense at all).
Things have been tricky in the house ever since mum started college. I'm so happy for her because she's finally learning something she loves after not even finishing school when she was younger, but it's thrown Dad and I into complete chaos. Problem is that Mum is out most of the time now and so am I which leaves Dad at home on his own...if he gets too fed up then he sits round my grandparent's house until it's time to pick mum up meaning that nothing in the house has been done. He can't cook unless it's a pizza, his arms are so manked from operations that he can't wash up properly (when he does it I come along and do it again because there are still stains on things) and he has no idea how to work the washing machine even after me and mum trying to teach him several times. Towels never get washed frequently enough, everyone complains they have no clothes, loads get missed because someone us asleep or out when the other one is up and busy and I always get told off for it lately. I'm learning how to cook at the moment but all Dad ever wants is burger sandwiches then I get told off for not doing him something propper (I offer but he says no and we eat very different things anyway).
The worst one at the moment is my alone time with Ben. When he comes round and it's just me and Dad in the house, we can't sit around for more than 5 minutes before Dad wanders in going "What you watching?" or "Oooo, Ben, want to see this new game I've got for the Wii" I then lose Ben for a few hours whilst he goes into fidgety boy mode after a game with loads of guns in it. We see each other once a week...I don't like having hours taken out of our time!

When I eventually move out I think Dad is going to go a little stir crazy if mum is still at college. We're driving each other mad in the house alone but at least arguing or watching American Chopper is something to do...when we're both out he sits on his own and watches films and calls my uncle up every half hour or so for a chat.

I don't exactly know what I'm trying to do with this post...I just felt like writing really.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Aw your poor dad!

It sounds like he just wants company..