Sunday, 14 December 2008

Dum da da duuuuuummmm!

One of my managers told me that I'm being kept on as a permanent member of staff!!!!!!

As annoying as working at (S)Lush is, I really did want to be kept to carry on working after the festive season has been and gone. Only thing is that my hours are going to be reduced from 15 to 5. That means I do one 5 hour shift a week from January until March, then my hours get upped again gradually until they get me on full time once I've completely finished uni. It will mean more time for me to have a life, but less money for me to spend on said life.
I suppose I'm just happy that most of the Lush crew like me enough to want to keep me with them. All that talk of being fired and such...

Something else happened today.
I've had this Internet friend, Hannah, since I was 15. Today she came into the shop!!!!
I've never met her in person before...not properly. We pass each other when out shopping sometimes but neither of us are ever brave enough to speak. When I saw her walk past the shop earlier I shouted "HANNAH!!!" without thinking, she ran in and we finally spoke. We spoke and she bought some shampoo. Lol.

That's pretty much all the news I have for today.


Manda-Caroline said...

That is so awesome, hun! *huggles*

Weeping Shadows said...


That's so cool, no more worries now woohoo!!!
And that is so uncanny about your friend. and cool. Hehe.