Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Welll December has arrived and I'm freaking out about my shopping.
I've been sitting here for the last hour trying to figure out what the hell to get people and it just isn't happening. I keep changing my mind, or I go to order something only to find it's out of stock until the new year, or I look at stuff and think there's just no way I'm buying that in case I fuck up.
My friends are proving trickier than I first thought. I'm trying to get them stuff from work based on little details I've picked up. I've got a friend who is a chocoholic - actually, just a foodoholic - so I've decided a few things based on that...and the same with everyone else. I'm getting Ben's sister something from work as well, but I'm going to get that specially gift wrapped in the shop and stuffing it full of pampering treats since she told me that her pregnancy is making her feel fat and horrible (I'd say she's carrying the small-ish bump well so far), so I'm putting in a massage bar which helps prevent stretch marks, some soothing bath ballistics, hair treatments etc
I have no idea what to get his parents. I was originally going to get his mum a gift box from work as well, but that would leave his dad out. I think I'm settling on a box of posh chocolates, but I have to make sure there are no allergies around...a little siren went off in my head before I bought them yesterday about someone being allergic to something. I need to double check.
Ben is a pain in the bum to buy for too. I really am stuck with what to get, plus it's his birthday 5 days after Christmas as well (he has to be awkward). I was going to make up a birthday gift of music related bits and bobs and he's asked for something booze related for Christmas. So far, the music book I've ordered is now out of stock EVERYWHERE and I've only been able to find wrapping paper with little guitars on. This would be so much easier if he was a woman...I could get a necklace and be done with it.


Dad is proving awkward as well. He's told me not to bother with him and mum, but I can't do that. I've asked if there's anything they'd like for their fish tanks, any DVDs they want, store vouchers...they've given me no help. Damn it.

If I've got enough left over then I'm going to get my cousin Mandy a little something as well. If I get her a big hatbox from work then her husband will probably be able to nick some of the products as well, so it would be quite nice for the both of them.

I still haven't gotten a tree or any decorations for my bedroom. I might leave it until I've gotten the paint from the builders and done my room (the colour they painted my newly plastered wall doesn't even begin to match the rest of the room...shit heads!). I've got my eye on a purple tree in Paperchase, so I might wander in and get that during my lunch break this evening.

God, why the hell did I start celebrating this thing again?
Damn having a Christian as a other half (OK, so I don't really mean that, but I still wouldn't bother with all this otherwise).

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Manda-Caroline said...

You know, if I fall under the difficult category, I'm seriously easy to buy for! If from Lush...anything massage/facial/or hair ^_^ or...anything artistic is good too. A packet of good pencils and I'm yours forever lol

But Christmas shopping is sooo difficult *sigh* worst holiday ever