Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I've had such a nice day!!!

Not sure if you know or not, but I gave up celebrating Christmas a few years back. I never sent cards, bothered with the songs, decorated my room or helped decorate the house, never bought gifts aside for my parents and Anthony, I asked people not to get me anything...yeah.
Because Ben is an uber Christian - almost - I promised I'd give it a go again this year. I sent out cards, I left music channels on full blast, bought myself a lovely little camp tree (all the colours of the rainbow), got my friends and family gifts. It was worth it.

Under ze tree I found for me (yay, poet or what?):
-A black iPod classic
-A iPod speaker set with a small LCD screen built in (it can play music videos, be a digital photo frame, plug into my TV etc).
-£30 worth of iTunes vouchers.
-Lip & eye make-up pallets.
-An Alarm clock.
-Body lotion & shower gel.
-A necklace.
-3 bottles of wine.
-Minty biscuits
-Two funny books from Manda Manda
-A squishy eye and pooping penguin from Michael

I spent yesterday afternoon with my family and Ben, who promised to visit everyone on my side, since no one had seen him since my cousin's wedding all the way back in march...2007, and I spent this evening with him.
I got to his house at about half 5 sand said hello to his mum & sister (and the dog). I gave them their presents: His parents got a box of Thorntons finest, Fay a gift box from Lush and Chelsea some doggy treats.
Ben didn't want to open his in front of eveyone so we went into his room and exchanged gifts. I got him a Van Halen T-Shirt and two guitar tab books for Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, my parents got him a game for his PS3. He got me a VERY pretty silver bracelet, the Monty Python's Flying Circus box set and a Russell Howard stand-up dvd. His parents and sister got me earrings and an Oil of Olay bath/shower set.
We lazed about in his room for the rest of the evening watching the new Doctor Who, some DVDS, we played some weird crap on the playstation and sat talking...and arguing over who makes the best stuffing: my mum or his mum.

This is probably the best Christmas I've had in years. We were even talking about swapping for next year...I spend the afternoon with his mad family and he spends Christmas with me (wouldn't it be great if we managed another year?).
I'm not going to see him again until his birthday now, which completely sucks... but it's restored my faith in a happy Christmas.

I hope everyone else has had a brilliant day xxxx

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