Monday, 22 December 2008

It think it's being called a day.

Between Emma and I.
I saw her today for about 5 minutes to drop off Anthony's Christmas present and we honestly had nothing to say to each other. It was a quick hello followed by her standing there chatting on her phone with one of the many men she has on the go, then complaining about how many bags she has to carry home now (I really don't care) and then pushing past me to get to her bus whilst shouting "I'll see you when I see you!"

That's just it now. I'd rather have no best friend than have to tag her with it. Things have been going wrong with us for a while and today just confirmed that we just don't click the way we used to anymore.
It'll be lonely without her, I'll admit, but probably a lot less miserable.


Manda-Caroline said...

I'm sorry hun :( *hug*

Weeping Shadows said...

*whew* for a second, I thought you were talking about you and ben. Got scared.

Anyway, from when I saw that blog about when you first talked about her, I knew it would go downhill.
It's for the best shells, it's better to have no best friend and feel happy, than to have a best friend that does absolutely nothing for you, you know?

But really sorry, I know you guys have been best friends for long.
*big hugs*