Thursday, 4 December 2008


I've almost finished my Christmas shopping.
I got my friends some things earlier and I'm happy with that, I bought myself a multi coloured Christmas tree which I've now perched on top of my stereo and I've started getting Ben's pressies out of the way. I'm getting him some Guitar tab books (when I can eventually find him to want things that are now completely out of print), a few clothing bits and bobs, a recipe book (it's a cool one to do with booze) and probably a small bottle of Jack Daniels. The booze will probably be in the birthday gift along with the booze book and a hat. The tabs along with some shirts and something else I've not decided yet will probably go in as a Christmas gift. I might ring mum in the morning and ask if she can look for the tab books around town when she goes to the prison to see John...I know there are a could of stores scattered around by the uni (hippy student customers pay well apparently).

I'm a lot happier now I've gotten most of that stuff sorted.

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