Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Lush Haul.

I splashed out on myself afer work a little bit yesterday.
Basically, Lush have an offer on at the moment where for every £20 you spend - £40 before staff discount in my case - you get to pick a free gift box or bunch of products made before December 1st.
When my shift was over, I bought myself loads of pampering treats (further aiding my work on becoming the plus sized embodiment of sex by the time I'm 30).

- Magic bath ballistic x2
- Creamy Candy Bubble bar
- Blackberry bomb
- The comforter bubble bar
- Sex in the shower emotibomb x2
- Porridge hand & body soap

You're a Star gift box:- Dream cream face and body cream (240g)
- Aqua Mirablis body butter
- Ceridwen's Caulderon bath melt
- Floating Island bath melt
- Mar Bar bubble bar
- Honey I washed the kids soap (100g)
- Helping hands hand cream (45g)

My Freebie: Christmas Candy gift box- Let them eat Cake lip balm
- Candy cane bubble bar
- Angels delight soap (100g)
- Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel (100g)
- Mr Butterball bath ballistic.

I think that's enough to keep me going for a little while.

Anyway, I'm leaving you with a song I'm completely hooked on this week:
The Damned - Little Miss Disaster.

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