Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Fido (and other tales of horror).

So my Dad's pet Mantis Shrimp is now officially freaking me out.
For those of you who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, I'll show you a few pictures of this supposedly beautiful thing:

(He really does look like something that fell out of Satan's bottom)

That last picture was of him warning me off after I think I got a weeeeeeenie bit too close to his tank with the camera.
We've had him for about three weeks now and I will never understand what possessed Dad to buy him. For starters, he has the strength to punch out of his tank if he wants to - as in completely shatter the glass - and he can break your thumb in a matter of seconds with just one punch if you put your hand in there and he decides he doesn't like it. At the moment he's taken to constantly digging. There are mountains of sand where he's kicked it all up and he starts to swim around and bash things when he realises he can't get any further down (Dad put some stuff down in there to stop him digging down at the bottom glass).
What freaks me out most about the thing though, aside from the scary looks and the mass amounts of strength, is the constant staring at me. His tank is right outside of my bedroom door and he sits in his tube gazing and watching me as I come in and the extent of following me around the tank. The moment I stop and look at him, he flares his face and pushes out his scary punching claws at me. I swear he's sizing me up ready to eat me in my sleep! Seriously, in the dead of night I can hear him outside my door bashing things, crushing snail shells and trying to push his lid open (we've taped it down). He keeps following Ben around the house as well. He was looking in the tank the other day and Fido ran out at him without even a warning flare and whacked the tank. As I'm sure you can guess, Ben jumped backwards and nearly cacked himself.
See now the other animals my parents buy are cool. We have marine fish, weird worm things, soft corals, seahorses, pipefish...but this thing...URGGGHHH!!!!!

Now to the other tales.

Remember my Grandparent's cat that I was looking after last week? My parents had to take her to be put to sleep today. The tumour on her lungs filled up with fluid again within the space of a week and it just wouldn't have been fair to go and get it drained once a week and stress her out by pushing pills down her throat (Dad still has the scratches on his arm for that!). She was about 12/13 though, so she did have a good run. Rest in Peace Pepsi.
My Grandparents want a kitten and keep bugging my mum to sort it out for them since she's studying for an NVQ2 at the Mayhew animal home, but they're not allowed because they're too old. They'd be allowed to take a slightly older cat and re-home it but they're being stubborn and only a kitten will do. Cats can live for so many years and both my grandparents are in their 80's; I wish they'd knock the kitten idea on the head but we all know they're going to find a way of getting one anyway *sigh*

My bank are pissed at me!!!!
I've nearly used all of my overdraft up and they don't like it because nothing has been paid in since May. I got a scary letter telling me that if I don't pay it back soon then they want to cut or just take away my overdraft completely. I'm PRAYING that my loan comes in tomorrow - shows you the severity since I'm an atheist - just so I can start to get everything back in order, pay my share of the bills and stop the damn letters!!!

I'm finally feeling a bit more human after stopping the pill last week. I haven't cried in days, my moods are settling back down, the three weeks of bleeding has finally come to an end, my boobs are shrinking back down, the headaches have gone, the phantom morning sickness has gone, I'm not as tired as I was and I can have Ben hug me without my skin crawling again. Just waiting for the swollen leg to keep going down, for my sex drive to come back and for my skin to calm down 'cos the acne monster got me.
How would have thought such a small thing could cause so much havoc.

I'm waiting for builders to come and sort my room out. I can't remember if I said it or not, but my walls have been leaking. Whenever there's heavy rain, bubbles of water form under the paintwork. The head builder dude said that they much have done something wrong with the pipe that runs down on the outside of the wall whilst they were removing the scaffolding. When they've fixed the problem, they have to redecorate my bedroom...YAY, FREEBIE!!!

That's pretty much all my news. Ahhh it's good to rant.

Now lets end on a song:


Manda said...

I'm so glad you're starting to feel better now!, thing looks kind a nightmare? I mean, I've heard of testy pets - iguanas are meant to be pretty entertaining (my sister's ex's son had a HUGE iguana, and if it got pissed at you it'd whip you with its tale hard enough to make you bleed everywhere).

I can't say I see the appeal of having a pet like that, unless you're planning on feeding him live humans

Weeping Shadows said...

Woohoo for feeling better!
Seriously... that pill is pure EVIL!

And that... um... mantis thingy? It sounds scary, I wouldn't want that outside my bedroom door. Looks so creepy.

But yay for feeling better, it's always nice to feel better :)