Wednesday, 17 September 2008


We're currently looking after my Grandparent's cat. Pepsi.
Well, I say she's theirs, but she's the family cat really. I've spent nearly 13 years of my life of seeing her all the time, stroking her, having her scratch the fuck out of me whenever she felt like it. The whole family has experienced the same almost every day of the week since she first sauntered through the front door.
What's saddening is that I have to spend her last few days with her now after seeing all that life. She's weak, she's helpless, she can barely move, she won't parents brought her back from the vet and she could just about walk out of her carry cage. I was sitting there stroking her, listening to her mew at me whilst actually wishing she had the energy to hiss and swipe at me then purr about it. She has a tumor on her lungs that keeps filling up with fluid and how quick it fills back up again determines how long she's got left. The vet drained around 250ml of fluid out of it yesterday...that's the same as a small/medium sized bottle of lotion or around 20 bottles of nail polish (just to put it into something you can visualise).
It's heartbreaking to watch her deteriorate like this and it's going to be even more heartbreaking when we have to hand her back to Nan, Granddad and Reggie. Granddad especially.

I really don't know what to do. I sit with her and I've offered to help give her the countless amounts of medicine we were given but, aside from that, I'm lost. I end up wanting to cry when I'm sitting with her.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Oh no.

This is why I'm afraid to get a pet; I'll get too emotional if it gets sick or ends up passing away.

Hopefully Pepsi can get better?